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Door Edwin Bruinooge gepubliceerd in
Een categorie over problemen die eigenlijk geen echte problemen zijn. Maar wel inspiratiebronnen om azijnzeikerig tekeer te kunnen...
04/03/2017 18:29
Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in
The British followed a rule, 'the balance of power.' Which meant that you did not allow others to become more powerful than you. If a neighboring nation threatened to become your equal or surpass you, you would simply exterminate them. Great Britain, became a superpower, they became the great British Empire. " Great they were, u...
28/10/2018 04:27
Door Susancarter gepubliceerd in
The issue of water scarcity and sanitation is much wider than most people and politics suppose as it entails a chain reaction in human survival at all. Along with the ecological and environmental aspects, water supplies and conditions may regulate the issues of migration, economy, war and peace. In fact, the specific situation i...
24/09/2019 14:59
Door Chrisrik gepubliceerd in
Vorig deel: https://tallsay.com/page/4295001190/sri-lanka-en-ceylon-tea Een bezoek aan het bergachtige deel van Sri Lanka is niet ...
02/11/2019 13:17
Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in
Qassem Soleiman has been eliminated, not only eliminated but unrecognizably eliminated, he could only be identified by a piece of hand with his ring on it, then you can test that bit of DNA. You can say he was shot to bits. This was the man who was more powerful than the president of Iran and who triggered many illegal actions a...
05/01/2020 19:10
Door Candice gepubliceerd in
Bilderberg, Illuminatie, New World Order … Robert Jensen: Er is geen groter vermaak dan leedvermaak wordt wel eens gezegd, maar ...
21/04/2020 11:58
Door Alexveaux9 gepubliceerd in
'World Kidney Day' is praised on the second Thursday of the long stretch of March each year. This day was begun two years back. Be that as it may, since 2006, individuals have begun to wind up mindful of the sicknesses identified with kidneys. In the year 2019 this day will be praised on fourteenth March in the entire world. A s...
11/07/2019 14:19
Door Pipeloen gepubliceerd in
Body worlds ; de tentoonstelling die altijd discussies oproept . update; dit jaar in Amsterdam te bewonderen.BODY WORLDS: 2014 The Happiness Project Damrak 66 Bodies Misschien herinnert U het zich nog . In 2006 was er in de Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam een Expositie Bodies genaamd . Er was veel ophef over ,want het ging om gep...
25/12/2015 12:14
Door Rob gepubliceerd in
Uitstapjes voor kinderen. In dit artikel vertel ik je alles over Snowworld indoorski Zoetermeer, een gigantisch complex waar je ku...
18/02/2016 12:31
Door Kirsti gepubliceerd in
I shape my world so I can fit in In Englisch please..... suddenly I have to explane myself in Englisch and I am glade that somewhe...
11/01/2018 10:17
Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in
The ship slowly disappeared along the breakwaters, a dignified old lady waved at us. Beside her stood a young woman who waved enthusiastically and blew kisses. 'Tomorrow they'll be in Thessaloniki,' Marius said, 'and I wish I was there to greet them upon arrival.' I nodded, 'Come on,' I said, 'we'll go past a tea house and then ...
25/03/2016 08:59
Door Asmay gepubliceerd in
Een droom voor fans van elektrische treinen en modelbouw Op amper vijf minuten loopafstand van het (nieuwe) Rotterdamse Centraal S...
11/10/2016 11:42

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