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Boismont was glad he could ride in after a day of waiting at the gate of Formiguères. He was cold, which the campfire had not resolved. He had spent the night outside the walled in village and it had been a cold night. Seated with his back against a tree he had waited for the morning, when the gates would open again. He had not...
16/03/2016 21:54
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Vervolg op: https://tallsay.com/page/4294991284/provencaalse-dorpjes-menerbes-en-lacoste We rijden vandaag naar de Village des Bor...
09/07/2017 21:31
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Grape vines in the village in the glasses that are raised sitting on the benches harmoniously, the stories that spring and have been stripped of words a sweet mixture of sounds. Friends in the white village whose shadow move along the walls dancing in the sun, that shining lights the square and gropes and indicates what is not, ...
27/12/2018 07:27

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