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Blockchain technology is not new anymore. Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies are a conversation starter among entrepreneurs and other players of the financial market. Blockchain basically is a kind of technical ledger which stores types of information in a series of blocks. A block in the chain is created every time a gr...
20/09/2018 13:35
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°° Submarines: Alexander the Great already plunged to the bottom of the sea in 300 BC, 2300 years ago, in a diving bell, for that matter vehicles for surviving under water are older than the road to Rome. In a diving bell someone could stay under water for 1 hour, later that was extended by lowering barrels of oxygen, weighed ...
28/11/2019 21:34
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Some of us have a visionary mind. These are the people who analyze their own situation and invent a new gadget that connects to it...
23/03/2020 21:38

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