# Changing

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in
The meal had been exquisite and the "scourge of God", looked with satisfaction at the richly laid out table which was for him alone. He took another sip of wine and enjoyed the taste of the precious fluid that played around in his mouth. The last bits of quail disappeared from between his teeth, the innkeeper had brought the bes...
06/03/2016 16:42
Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in
'You are imagining it, Marius,' said Gillianos, 'who would walk through your garden to your cave and hide there to spy on us?' We'd have seen or heard it and your dog would have alerted us.' Marius remained seated with a stare fixed directed at the cave opening and after a while he said with a sigh, 'he's gone.' That gave me a s...
21/03/2016 20:55
Door Kirsti gepubliceerd in
Changing stories. Ik vind het heerlijk om oude meesterwerken die we al jaren op dezelfde manier voorgeschoteld krijgen te bewerken...
11/02/2018 11:46

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