I am Enim part 40

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"I'd rather not say what I think," Jude announced, "but I can tell you what I've been through, and you'll have to form your own opinion about what I'm about to tell you." "I'm listening," said the Captain, "and I'm very curious," announced the lieutenant.

“There lived two sisters in the same village, Bethany, where we were about to be stoned,” Judas began. Mary and Martha, they were more than friends of Jeshua. ' "Why do you think that," Simeon wanted the Enim to know? "I personally think they were in love with Yeshua," replied the Masjiach's treasurer, "they bought expensive oil and anointed him and Mary washed his feet and then dried his feet with her hair."

"Yeah you don't do that to everyone," said the captain. "They also had a brother," Judas continued, "his name was Lazarus and he thought he was a friend of Yeshua, but to be honest the Mashiach only had eyes for the sisters." 'You think that or you know that,' asked the brother in arms' "A blind man could see that," said Judas. "Yeshua tolerated Lazarus just to get close to his sisters."

'Anyway,' continued the treasurer of Yeshua, 'that brother apparently became ill and the sisters sent a messenger to the Mashiach asking to come as soon as possible. He emphasized that Lazarus was not only sick, but very seriously ill. ' Yeshua sat down with us to explain his plans. He announced that he intended to visit the sisters and their sick brother. "But, Lord," cried Peter, "they nearly murdered us with stones in Bethany, let us return to Judea."



Yeshua smiled scornfully and said, "Doesn't a day count twelve hours? He who walks by day does not stumble, because he sees the light of this world, but he who walks at night stumbles because he has no light. " "What was he trying to say with that," asked the captain? "I have no idea," Jude replied, it was another bit of esothoric mumbo jumbo that we couldn't make sense of. At most he meant that we would go there anyway and that things could perhaps be seen in a different light, but in honesty, I didn't understand what Yeshua was saying. '

"So you went to Bethany," asked the brother in arms? 'No,' answered Judas, 'that's the strange thing, not immediately, Yeshua lingered two more days before we left. After the second day had passed, 'the Mashiach said,' Lazarus fell asleep and we thought the Mashiach was talking about resting, it became more and more difficult to determine what he really meant to say at times. ' "Then he will soon be healed," said Peter. "Those who have ears to hear, hear," said the Mashiach, 'Lazarus has passed away, he is dead. " This really shocked us. '



“It is a good thing that I was not there,” said Yeshua, “now you can come to believe, let's go to Bethany. Tomas, who was normally modest, looked up in alarm, "yes that sounds great to me," he said, "then we could die too, when they see us the stones will be flying around our ears."

When we arrived, we heard that Lazarus had been in the tomb for a few days, during which time many villagers had come to the sisters' house to mourn. Martha walked up to us and she said, "Lord if you had been here my brother would not have died." Yeshua said, "Your brother will be raised from the dead."

"Yes," said Martha, "I know that, at the resurrection he will rise on the last day." But Yeshua said, "I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me will live even when he dies, and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe that?' Yes, Lord, "she said," I believe, "that you are the Mashiach, the Son of God who was to come into the world."

"Those are quite some statements," said the Captain. "Yes," Judas replied simply, "there was a farmer present who began to pick up stones." Mary now came up to him and fell down at his feet. She complainedly asked why he had not come earlier. Yeshua started to cry and sat down next to her and so they sat there with their arms around each other crying.

The people therefore said 'you can see that Yeshua loved his friend very much.' Finally the Mashiach got up and said, "Show me his grave." When they got to the tomb, which was a cave with a stone in front of it, Yeshua said, "take that stone away." "Lord," said Peter, when he has been lying here for a few days he might have gone a bit smelly.



"As if I would care, take that stone away," Yeshua commanded and a few men rolled away the huge stone. 'Father, I thank you that you have heard me, said the Mashiach,' You always answer me, I know that, but I say this for the sake of all those people here, so that they will believe that you have sent me. ' He cried, "Lazarus, come out!" The dead came forth, his hands and feet wrapped in linen, and his face covered with a cloth. " "You saw that with your own eyes," the captain asked. "Yes," said Judas, "what I told you, I saw myself."

"Pay attention, friend Judas, I will only ask this once," said Simeon the Enim, "was Lazarus dead?" Judas looked unhappily at the ground. "I've been struggling with that question for weeks," he said finally.

"What do you think of the whole thing," thought the captain, and Matthew de Enim thought back, it is a strong fish with coins in its mouth scenario, then he summed up his thoughts with, it was staged. " "Yes, I think so too," thought the Captain, "and I think I know why." "I'm curious to know," came the thought of Matthew.  'After the blunder of Divine revelation during the first visit that nearly ended in the death of the Mashiach and the disciples, a miracle was needed to restore credibility in that area. You notice what miracles are taking place. '

You've discovered a line in the miracles," thought the brother-in-arms. "Yes," replied Simeon, "Healings, mastery over nature, and now raising from the dead. "A bit of a theater play between the master and the disciple, say between Yeshua and Lazarus."

"And the sisters," the lieutenant asked, "do you think they were involved?" "No," said the captain firmly, "they had to appear authentic." "That's ugly that you do that to a loved one or your sister," said Matthew. "Jeshua is not terribly concerned about such matters," thought the captain, "he is engaged in his own divine mission."

"What do you make of it," asked Judas, taking a good sip. "You don't want to know," replied the Captain. "We have heard your account and our thanks for it." "Then I know enough," said Judas. "The same goes for us," said Matthew. "We should go and find your master," suggested the captain, and he put money on the table to pay for the wine.

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