I am Enim part 39

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


'Dead, dead,' muttered Judas, 'what does it mean when some one is dead,' he paused and then said, 'death is not being alive, I don't really know what to answer, I know what I saw, but I am not sure if have seen the truth. ' The captain and his brother-in-arms saw the doubt in Judas' memories. He really didn't know what was true  anymore.

Simeon de Enim, looked at Judas and said in a friendly tone, let's get the business done first, then we'll get back to Lazarus.' He beckoned the waitress and when she stood next to him he said, "I want the owner or the innkeeper to come here." The girl nodded and disappeared behind the curtains only to return a moment later with a robust-looking man.

"You know this man," the Captain asked, pointing to Judas. "Yes," answered the innkeeper, "he is very popular here, that is Judas who is with the Mashiach." "Right, that has been established then," said the captain. "I am Simeon and that is my neighbor Matthew," the Enim continued. "We're going to donate our farms to our friend Iscariot." "Iscariot," asked the innkeeper? "That's Judas," explained the brother-in-arms. "Our farms are in Batsha," the captain continued, "and we need a witness to confirm that our properties have been given to Judas, if necessary."

The innkeeper nodded, "Come on, then," he said, "normally I don't like to be involved in things like this, but Judas is a good friend and  a very good customer of ours." "I swear," said the Captain solemnly, "that I will hand over my property to Judas Iscariot." "I swear that too," said the brother-in-arms, "I hereby give my property free of charges to Judas Iscariot." "Shake hands," said the innkeeper, putting his own hand over the hands of the three men. "MAZEL and Brucha," he said, and the brother-in-arms added Mazel tov.




"Thank you, on behalf of Yeshua and our group," said Judas, but the captain saw that Judas was considering whether to inform Yeshua about the property or whether to keep it for himself. "I still have a lot to do," said the innkeeper, "I wish you a good day," and he got up and left the group.

"Back to Lazarus," said the Captain. Judas tell me how it went. What really took place there?' "We were near Betania," began the treasurer of the Masjiach. "The master had had problems there before, after a sermon we had to flee because the inhabitants wanted to stone us." "That sounds serious," said the brother in arms, "how did that come about, people don't just want to stone you."

'Well,' said Judas, 'the master there began to talk about how he was the son of man. He said God was the father and he was the father's son. It was there that Yeshua first started with statements that always had double meanings. Some people  wanted to hear in his words that he was the son of God and others thought we all have a father and of course the rabbi is a son of a father. ' "Look," thought the captain, "there you have it again, Yeshua does not say that he is the son of God but the thought is planted, just like the razzemedaz with the coins from the mouth of the fish." "I agree with you completely," the brother-in-arms thought back.



Judas was lost  in thought for a moment and then continued, "Then the Mashiach said that he was sent by the Father: Everything is entrusted to me by my Father," were his literal words. The villagers of Bethani listened and tried to understand what Yeshua really wanted to say. But it seemed as if Yeshua said he had a special relationship with God, and that God himself entrusted him with everything, but he could also have been referring to his real father.

People never like it when someone considers themselves special and a few farmers started to grumble. ' "That is a law of life," thought Simeon the Enim, "if you put your head above ground level it will be mowed down." His lieutenant nodded and thought, "For a person so enlightened, Yeshua was making some errors of judgment." `` Yeshua did not notice the change in the crowd, '' said Judas, ``he was full of his own words and at one point he felt it necessary to claim that he had always been there, that he had existed before Abraham, our patriarch was born. '



"That did not go down well," said Jude, "how could anyone have existed and all along before the founder of the Jewish people was born." “Farmers are quite pragmatic,” the captain said, understanding that the crowd had not fully understood what Yeshua had intended to say. “After a while it became clear to everyone,” Judas continued, “that Yeshua was not preaching from the Torah as Rabbi, but was presenting himself.

It became very quiet and everyone listened intently. A farmer fell to his knees and shouted the savior has come, the Mashiach. ' "Maybe he was planted," thought the lieutenant. "Most probably" the captain reflected.

Judas sorted his thoughts for a moment, and the Enims saw that he was trying as honestly as possible to relate what had happened. "I am the true vine" and "I am the door" Yeshua cried over the heads of the farmers, "Judas continued," he became exalted and cried aloud, "I am the good shepherd"; "I am the light to the world ";" I am the bread that gives life ". "Those are pretty strong statements," thought the captain. "You don't make friends with that sort of stuff," said his brother-in-arms.



"A few farmers bent down and started picking up some stones," said Judas, "and others could hardly believe their ears and listened with their mouths open." "I am the light to the world." Yeshua cried, "whoever follows me will never walk in darkness again, but have light that gives life." Judas sighed deeply, 'Yeshua' he said, 'then explained that he had received an mission from the father and he almost cried out over the buzz that had started,' I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father than through me " "The first stone flew through the air," said Judas, "but it was thrown badly and missed the Mashiach by three feet."

"A prophet is never heard in his own country," shouted the Mashiach, "now he is also a prophet," shouted an angry farmer who aimed better than the rest and a stone hit Yeshua on the side of his head. " "Blessed are the simple in spirit," cried Yeshua, "and now it was really raining stones," Peter pulled the Mashiach with him. "Run fool," he roared, "or we'll be killed," and we ran protecting our heads while it rained stones. " "I would have run too," said the captain. "Good that stoning bit is clear to me, but what about Lazarus."

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