I am Enim part 38

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"Hey," came a sultry voice behind the men, and Judas looked up, startled. "You haven't forgotten about me, now have you" another girl asked. "Next time," sighed Yeshua's treasurer, "there is a limit to mu possibilities." "More than well known to the fair maidens," thought the captain, and Matthew nodded. "Judas, my good man" Simeon began, "we have some questions and I think you can answer them." "I'm listening," said the 12th disciple.

"I have come to understand that Yeshua can walk on the water and you have seen that." Judas looked at the wine jug. "It might be possible," he answered finally, "but I haven't seen it myself." Matthew saw the doubt in Judas' mind and looked at Simeon, who had also seen it.

"How then did the story come about," asked the Captain. Judas shifted uncomfortably back and forth and replied, "Simon, said he saw it with his brother Andrew." "Who is Simon?" Asked the brother-in-arms in surprise, because mission control had not mentioned any Simon as disciple. "Simon is actually Peter," or rather the other way around, Judas explained. "Yeshua changed Simon's name." "Why did the Mashiach do that," asked Simeon the Enim?

“Peter is derived from the Greek Petros,” said the treasurer of Yeshua, “which means rock in Greek.' "Yes," said Matthew, "go on, why did Yeshua do that?" That's the Mashiach for you, "laughed Judas," he does whatever pleases him, in this case it was a nickname. He thought Simon was a rock of determination in the teachings of the Mashiach. ' "Interesting," said the lieutenant, seeing how the captain raised his eyebrows. “He did that more often,” said Judas, “he did not like the father of the other Judas and so he changed his name to Taddeus. He was actually Judas van Jacobus. '



"It is mind boggling," said the Captain. "Does Taddeus mean anything?" "Yes," said Judas, "it means heroic or brave or something like that, it comes from the Greek." "What does Yeshua have with Greek names," thought Simeon. "Esteem in a backward area," thought Matthew the brother-in-arms. 'Jeshua,' said Judas, explained that a new way of life came with a new name. In the spirit of a new beginning, breaking with your family, your past, your old identity.'

"So the Mashiach renames his followers," asked the Captain, "that's completely new to me." "That's right," Judas agreed, taking a long drink of wine. "For example, Simon the Zealot was also known as Simon Kananeus, which was his real name." "Let me guess," said the brother-in-arms, "zealot means something as well?" Judas nodded, "the master explained that it means something like a fanatical religionist."

“Well, fair enough” said the Captain, “let's leave those names for what they are, they all have some meaning and were given for a reason. I am curious about the story about walking on the water. '

"It didn't happen, at least not really," said Judas, and the Enims read in the treasurer's mind that he was telling the truth. "How did the story come about then," asked the brother-in-arms? One night with some bread and wine, Yeshua spoke about faith and asked us, 'Do you believe I could walk on water if I wanted to? Peter got up and immediately called out loudly, "Of course, Lord, who would doubt that." Judas took another sip of wine and continued, "thank you Peter," laughed Yeshua, you are my rock and then he asked, do you think you could? " Peter paused and said, "I don't know Lord, I don't think I could."



"Peter Peter," said the Mashiach, "if your faith is not strong enough you would surely drown, but if your heart is with me, then nothing is impossible." 'It was meant figuratively,' said Judas, 'but because of the wine and the long evening the figurative turned into the literal and after some cups of wine Peter dozed off for a moment, his brother Andrew thumped him and said, 'Hey man you were asleep, wake up. ' Peter wanted to give himself an attitude and said, 'I was not asleep, I had a vision, you were walking on the water Lord' and he looked at Yeshua, 'and when I wanted to follow you I hesitated for a moment and sank into the water, but you saved me. '

"I would always save you, my friend," said the Mashiach, "dreams and visions are a reflection of reality," you have just walked with me on the water. " 'Right,' said the captain, 'a lot has become clear to me and if I may be so free can I assume that the figurative was later presented as literal? 'Yes,' said Judas, 'and then it started to take on a life of its own and we thought hey, what difference does it make about the core thought and not whether something really happened and once that started to lead a life of its own we couldn't turn back on the story. ' "That's how things go," said the brother-in-arms, "that's how fabrications become reality and most people don't see the comparison with religion, but simply like the fact that someone can walk on water."



"The masses enjoy sensation and wondrous things," thought Simeon the Enim, "it has never been different and it never will change, it is almost a law that has characterized the masses throughout the ages." 'Judas before we hand over the ownership of our farms, one last question,' said the captain, 'was Lazerus dead, I mean really dead.?

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