I am Enim part 37

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


"Yet there are extraordinary events that have taken place," thought the lieutenant. "Like what," asked Simeon? 'Of course there will be a lot of legend forming,' thought Matheus, 'but there is always a grain of truth in every legend.' "Name some of those exxtraordinary events," said the Captain. "According to mission control information, the Mashiach can walk on water and his disciples have witnessed this." "That is indeed extraordinary," said Simeon. "Besides," continued the brother-in-arms, "he has raised a dead friend from the dead."

"Doctors do that every day in our time," said the captain, "but here in a monkey country that still believes in myths with priests and sacrifices, it is a bit hard to believe." 'Nor can I explain it,' replied Matthew, 'but perhaps these events are simply told that way, and perhaps there is truth in them and perhaps there isn't, but incomprehensible things are attributed to him, so that everyone can see and understand that he is extraordinary, and in saying that I mean out of the ordinary. A miracle worker. '

"With that fish on the market with its mouth full of coins," said the captain, "someone in the crowd started shouting," a miracle. " "That person could have been planted there to say so."



'Let's see it in a more negative way,' said the captain, 'suppose the fish incident was planned, and a disciple put money in the fish and then turned it upside down so that coins came falling out of his mouth out at that moment a person placed in the crowd, started shouting, "a miracle." Then the visual observation is supported by a thought placed by the shouting person. That is pretty good marketing.'

Yes,' said the lieutenant, 'and the strong point is that Yeshua, at no time uses the word miracle, but the thought is placed in the crowd and when people talk about it later when they are back home, that is what they will say . ' “We have seen a miracle, and they will say; a priest asked if Yeshua paid taxes and the Mashiach sent a follower to catch a fish, and when he returned, money fell from his mouth, and it was exactly the amount that Yeshua owed to the temple. '



"There are some nasty angles to it," thought Simeon, Yeshua sent a follower to catch a fish, even if that follower put the money in the mouth of that fish, Yeshua was a partner in the event. Then the fish incident was planned and then Yeshua, all of the sudden,  becomes a lot less innocent than he is trying to appear. In addition, he uses the fish and money incident to ridicule the priests, and it is so easy to score that way, because the masses always like it, for unclear reasons, when high-ranking people get a sneer. ' "Judas, sees things pretty sharp," thought Matthew, "but he is the odd one out, he is the only one who does not come from the region of Galilee, and he is the only one who is not a simple fisherman." "What makes you say so," asked the captain?


"Mission control," laughed Matheus. "Judas was an educated man who worked at the court of Pontius Pilates before joining Yeshua." "That," thought Simeon, "explains a lot to me, at least his more critical attitude toward what he's observing." As a Roman ruler, Pontius would not want an idiot in his court. It also explains to me his preference for the ladies in brothels, his boss as a Roman, must have celebrated many an orgy, and he watched that because he served at court. '

"Look at who comes down the stairs all sweaty," laughed Matheus, "if you talk about the devil, you kick his tail." "Good," said the captain, "time for some wine, and some deep questions about the water walking of Jeshua and the raising of the dead." "I am spent" Judas sighed, "as he plopped down on the couch and stretched out his hand for his wine. "Not everyone is a Roman," the captain chuckled, "but let's get to the point."

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