I am Enim part 36

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"He's been upstairs for a while now," grinned Simeon the Enim. The maiden who had brought the pitcher of wine had been young and attractive. "Hey Judas, are you back again," she had said with a laugh, "can I, let's say, be of service to you." Matthew had looked at Captain Simeon for a moment and they both thought the same, "Judas Iscariot was a wellknown man in the brothels."

"He is in charge of the money," said Matthew, "the others are from Galilee and they don't touch money, they find it unclean." "Mission control," the captain thought questioningly. "All my information comes from mission control," his lieutenant replied. "Later he will be betrayed to the Mashiach for 30 pieces of silver." "Treasurers are always vulnerable," said the captain.

"Do you know why it were 30 pieces of silver," continued Matthew, "which he asked of the priests for his betrayal?" "I wouldn't know," thought Simeon. "He always takes 10% for himself," his brother in arms replied. In a year's time Mary Magdalene will spill balm she bought for 300 pieces of silver on Yeshua's feet. ' He feels then that he has been deprived because he would have liked to keep those 300 pieces of silver in the coffers, and therefor he asked the priests for his 10% to make up for his loss. ' 'Very fascinating,' thought Simeon the Enim, 'but if we can help it it will not get that far, we are in the present and here we will solve the Jeshua problem and the power structures that will arise through his presence here today.



Judas came down the stairs, sweating profusely, and plopped down next to the Enims, pouring himself a wine and taking immediately a good gulp. "You look like you worked hard," said Matthew. "I know that girl," Judas replied, "I helped her upstairs with moving a bed and so." "I can well imagine," said the captain, "we thought something like that," and all three burst out laughing. A lascivious looking girl came walking by now and paused at our sofa, "you haven't forgotten me," she said, "Judas naughty big stud that you are." Judas looked closely at his tankard of wine. "Drink it," the girl continued, "I'll come and get you later when you catch your breath," and swaying her hips she walked on. "I see that you help a lot of girls," said the brother in arms, "you are a good man or should I say a generous man?"



'Don't say anything,' advised Simeon, his lieutenant, 'friend Judas, does good works, and has good ideas, which we saw at the temple. he is not always listened to, but that is because ihe is from Judea and not Galilee. ' Judas nodded, "I am," he agreed, "but I think I am the only one who understands Yeshua." The Enims opened their ears and Judas the treasurer went on. 'The others, look at physical matters, great crowds, profound statements of the Mashiach and possible miracles. They do not understand that Yeshua loves attention and that role suits him well, although he does not fully realize that he is being played. ' "What do you mean," asked the captain? "Well," said Judas, "as the Mashiach plays with the crowd, fate plays with him, and the priests also play him, who, of course, don't like the fact that they keep getting stabs under water. it is a delicate and very dangerous game. It has now come to the point where they seek and follow him in order to tempt him to say things that would mean the end of us all. '



“The others,” Judas continued, “think he is the long-awaited one, the Mashiach, but it is a role he is been given. I would like it far better if we just preached through the country a little and were received here or there, and I would really appreciate it if he didn't keep saying that God is the father and that the father sent him. If he just goofs up one time and says that he and God are the same or that he is the son of God, then it's over, and that's going to happen one day. Then the priests will call on the Romans and if they see a threat in a man who is getting more support every day, then we will be done for. '


"He may be a whoremonger," thought Matthew, "and obviously he steals from his master, but he sees things clearly." The captain nodded unconsciously, he had thought much the same.

Simeon de Enim gave Judas a penetrating look. "You just said something interesting," he said, "were you not just talking about possible miracles." Judas nodded and poured some more wine into his cup. "Yes I said that," he agreed. "Explain that please," said the brother in arms. "The lame one he healed," the treasurer of Yeshua began, "something everyone is talking about, is originally from Judea, my region and I have known him since childhood."

"Yes," asked the Captain. He always ran like a kivit," laughed Judas, "but people here in Galilee wouldn't know that." The girl came by again, "I'll be waiting upstairs," she announced, "don't keep me waiting." Judas nodded. "The blind ...," he began. "Is there something wrong with the blind as well," Simeon asked?

I saw him two days before he was cured" announced Judas, "at the beggar's gate, when he dropped a coin and picked it up without hesitation." "It is clear to us," said the captain, "we will order another jug ​​of wine and you can lend a hand to the young lady in need, then we should have a serious talk."

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