I am Enim part 34

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Beyond the last meter of the bar were two more tables and there the Queen's Head ended. To the left was an arch with the inscription 'washrooms', which was synonymous  for rest rooms. Captain John headed straight for the arch, his hand loosely in his trouser pocket, the hand that clasped the cube. Jack nodded to the girls sitting at the last table and Billy Joe closed the line. He had his hand in his jacket pocket and that hand gripped the butterfly knife. It was already opened, and the lieutenant wondered if he should strike when he felt the time was right or if he would wait for the captain to give the signal. Jack, the sunny boy, walked with a smile on his face, trying to imagine what he would do first with the two beauties. "Follow your instincts," thought John de Enim, "if I give a sign, kill him, or if you think the time is appropriate, do it, but first go to the washrooms behind the arch, be out of sight first."



Brother in arms Billy Joe was a strong farmhand, the Enim who had entered him had enjoyed a job as a bookkeeper before he had been selected to Enimship. A pleasant job, in a completely different life, where numbers followed each other on sheets of paper and where you did not wait with a knife in hand to kill someone. He tried to imagine what it would feel like if he thrust the knife into Jack's body with all his strength. If only it didn't crunch past a bone or ricochet off a rib.

"Switch off your feelings," the Captain's thought sounded admonishing. 'Just think of a punching bag, as if you are sticking into a punching bag, and don't see your hand as your hand, just think of nice things, a nice meal or something like that and stab when I say so.'

"An Indian rice table," thought the brother-in-arms, staring straight ahead at the ground and following Jack's heels. "Good, hold on to that thought," John de Enim advised him, and he stepped under the arch and opened the door to the washrooms. 'The cook is walking in front of you, he has just screwed up your meal,' the captain continued, 'he did that on purpose, because he thinks you are a stupid jerk, don't worry, he is actually just a punching bag with some filling. His life is worth nothing. '



Billy Joe closed the door behind him and the three men stood in the portal in front of the doors that would lead to the ladies or gentlemen's toilets. "Okay," laughed Jack, "where are those hot girls?" "You've come to the end of the ride, sunny boy," came the captain's shrill voice, "do it," he barked at his brother-in-arms, pulling out the cube himself.

Billy Joe pulled his hand from his jacket pocket, at least he wanted to do that, but the open knife caught in his pocket. He forcibly pulled it out and stepped forward. It had given Jack  enough time to yank a small revolver from under his jacket and he kept it pointed at Billy Joe.

“Damn hillbilly,” he said surprisingly composed, “I think I'm going to blow your head off. The captain held out the cube and said "I think there is some misunderstanding taking place here." The cube glowed softly in his hand. Jack cocked back the safety catch with his thumb and the loud click announced that the gun was now on sharp.

Billy Joe dropped the knife and raised his hands above his head, and the captain thought violently, "dust," envisioning swirling ashes. Just in time he turned the cube with the flattened side to Jack.

"Goodbye Jack," he smiled grimly as the beam shot forward, "I'm very sorry." It had been a poor shot, Jack was still whirling but Captain John had aimed the cube too high in all the consternation. Jack had practically dusted away, except for his feet, his feet were standing upright, smoking, just above the ankles. "Jack hadn't completely filled the screen," the Captain reflected, shocked.

"Good God," exclaimed Billy Joe, "you half missed that fucking cook." "Grab those feet," John Enim ordered, we can't leave them here. The door of the ladies room opened and a girl looked at the scene with wide eyes and then began to scream in a shrill pitch. The captain aimed the cube at the girl. "dust," he thought, thinking with all his might of drifting ashes. Nothing happened. "The bloody thing is empty," John shouted, 'grab Jack's trotters and run. "



The two Enims ran through the bar towards the main entrance and Billy Joe lost one of Jack's feet. "Murderers screamed the girl who was now pointing at them from under the arch," stop them! "

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