I am Enim part 33

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie

 'We don't stand out,' said John, 'can you believe it, we are here with future captains of industry or would be world leaders. The bar was full and smoke curled up from the many cigarettes being smoked everywhere and mingled with the smoke-blue damp that clung to the ceiling like a cloud. "It's the weekend," thought Billy Joe, "and what do you do when you're young and have more than enough money?" He looked around at the young people hanging at the bar in groups. A combo that barely rose above the cacophony of bar sounds, really only served as a filling in background music.



Every now and then, a patch of blues floated by when a chance moment of a bit of silence happened. "Stop that crap, play jitterbug," a tall young man who was well past it, shouted to the combo, and his friends took over and a moment later half the bar was shouting "we want Jitterbug." Jitter bug Jitter bug.

"Swing is the thing," another group started shouting, encouraged by a student who drank his beer from a jug. Swing, swing swing. The combo fell silent, the players conferred for a moment and a manwith a nasal voice announced that they'd play first jitter bug and then swing. Immediately the first fast predominant notes were heard and the nasal voice began:


if you'd like to be a jitter bug,
First thing you must do is get a jug,
Put whiskey, wine and gin within,
And shake it all up and then begin.

Grab a cup and start to toss,
You are drinking jitter sauce!
Don't you worry, you just mug,
And then you'll be a jitter bug

 Jugs, of whiskey, were now placed on the bar and the manly brothers took sips straight from the jugs, passing them around. They threw a few dollar bills on the bar and tried to impress the girls with shouts. A few of the ladies blew kisses at their "heroes" from a distance, and others joined the "men" with filrty eyes.

A few couples started to jive, and the atmosphere had turned from a dingy smoky bar to a searing excited hangout for all those who wanted to escape the responsibilities of the day, with fast dance steps and booze.

With a nasal-like Yahoo shout from the singer, the last notes ebbed away and peace returned and the buzz rose steadily until the old level had been reached again. Two loud drum beats dominated the room and a blond girl shouted, "Swing is the thing." The combo was now transformed into a swing ensemble.

"Good God," thought Captain John, "what a life those students have." Billy Joe nodded unconsciously and thought, "It's not fair they are born rich and once they are admitted here they really have to make an effort to fail and they party every night." "Yeah," John added, "and then they will hold honorable jobs that are extremely well paid."



“They gain prestige and power,” he continued, “get married and have children who are born again with a golden spoon in their mouth. It's cyclical. ' He let his eye wander over the crowd and searched for his target, fully aware that Sunnyboy couldn't be killed here.

"There he is," reported Billy Joe, "the table with the women behind the pillar." They walked slowly through the crowd to the pillar. "Ah, Jack," a girl's voice cooed, "you're so manly and so present." "I could be far more present," laughed the young man who would soon disappear from the world scene. "Just give me half a chance and you'll never forget me." "That sounds very naughty," said a second girl, "I like that."

The young man beckoned the waiter, "Champagne for the ladies," he said, and another highball whiskey for me. " Captain John walked over to the table and stopped next to it. "Good evening ladies," he said, and everyone looked up. "You all look enchanting," and he lifted his Stetson hat for a moment, "I'd like to speak to my old friend Jack, I'd like to borrow him a sec if I may." "Hey," said the girl who liked naughty things. "Just for a second," Captain John smiled. "Keep his seat warm." Billy Joe saw the confusion in sunny boy's eyes, "how do I know those men," he thought and the Enims thought simultaneously, "he can't place us but we called him Jack, so he must know us."



"Kind regards from Dallas," said Captain John, "from a mutual friend." "He thinks we must have been at Harvard," thought Billy Joe, "otherwise we couldn't have gotten in here." "That's right," thought the Captain.

"From Dallas," Jack asked, with some surprise. "From Dallas," repeated John de Enim, "and we've brought you something nice and a message that is only meant for your ears, and then we're on our way." "Yes, Jack," Billy Joe joined the conversation, "you're a blessed man, someone likes you very much."

"Now you're making me very curious," laughed Jack, standing up. "Jack," the captain began after they were a few steps from the ladies table, "we wouldn't normally bother you here, but we're quite busy." "I'm listening, said Jack." "A mutual friend would like to speak to your father sometime," said the captain. "He owns some oilfields," Billy Joe added. "And no one comes to the father except through the son," laughed John de Enim, "our friend has not sent us empty-handed."

Billy Joe winked at Jack, "He knows your preferences," he added. "So we've booked you a room at the Hilton," the lieutenant continued, "and we've got you two nice presents." "What do you mean a room," Jack asked in surprise. "I want to introduce you to two lovely ladies," said Captain John, "they flew in here just for you and are dying to meet you." "Ladies with possibilities," the brother-in-arms added. "Possibilities as you wish, if you know what I mean."



Jack's eyes lit up and he grinned. 'We are talking about really nice women,' said the lieutenant, 'who can really make you forget everything. But we just want to know if they are your taste, so we'll introduce you to the ladies and we'll hear from you, and business will come later. ' "Where are they," asked Jack? "At the back, at the washrooms" replied the captain, let's introduce you and then you can decide what you really want. "Great," said Jack, "that sounds slick" He waved to the ladies table for a moment and half turned around he shouted, 'sorry ladies duty calls, enjoy the champagne', and so the Enims walked towards the washrooms with a possible future president.

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