I am Enim part 32

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The Kennedy Enims left the YMCA for the third day in a row, which was short for Young Men's Christian Association. They had eaten a bagel and had been given a choice between a glass of milk or a glass of orange juice. It was intended for people who wanted to flee 'the street life', for those who had no shelter. Captain John and Lieutenant Billy Joe were not exactly young, but they were nevertheless welcomed by the receptionist who took them to a room with a bunk bed.

"Gentlemen," said the man, whose eyes flickered back and forth, "you can take a shower at the end of the hall once a day." "You can wash your clothes there as well," he continued. 'If you need spiritual assistance, just drop by the reception and someone will come and talk to you.

You can stay here for a week, but if you want to help with chores, you can stay longer. ' Drops of sweat now beaded on his forehead. "I am one of the stayers," said the shy-eyed man, and the Lord has changed my life dramatically. Captain John saw that the man needed a fix, he was thinking of nothing else. He wanted to tie his arm and take the syringe and seek the grace the moment would give him.

"We are no longer holding you up, brother," he said, "we are tired of the street and will think about what you said, but first we'll take a shower."



As Captain John dug the cube up out of his pocket and sat down on the bed with Billy Joe, the receptionist who had found the Lord, rushed to his post and once he got there, locked the door behind him. The vein on his tied arm turned almost blue a little later and the syringe burrowed into his upper arm without any difficulty. "Thank you Lord," the man muttered as he felt his stomach turn under the effect of the rush that would then briefly bring him into blissful oblivion.


"Today we'll go for him," announced John as they walked through the park towards the Queen's head. "I'll talk to him and you stab him," Captain John continued. "Why do I have to stab him," asked his brother-in-arms, "I am okay with you talking to him or distracting him and you stab him." "There are those people who determine what others do, and there are those others who carry it out," replied the Captain, "it is not difficult, you do what I say and that is the way it is." "It's clear to me," said the brother-in-arms, "but why not dust him, if we have the cube anyway."

"Dusting isn't as easy as it sounds," John replied, "I've never done it, but apart from that, what I've seen isn't clear." "How is it not clear," asked Billy Joe, "it's our only tool, how can it not be clear?" 'There is no sound on the cube,' said John, 'so I have to rely on images, I think I have understood that dusting in the outside world is limited, it affects the energy of the cube very much and it then needs time to recharge.

We've used it a few times and I don't know if it's powerful enough now. ' "That's another reason you should kill our Sunnyboy," John continued, "only a captain or higher can dust off, so I'm your backup in case of an emergency." "I totally understand," said Billy Joe, "how do you dust something or someone, just out of curiosity?" I really have to want it, "John replied," and then aim with a slightly flattened angle at the object that needs to be dusted, that requires quite a bit of concentration. After that, you cannot use the cube for a while until you see images on it again. '



“I've done some research on the Queen's Head,” Billy Joe shared, “mission control can find anything in no time. A certain John Harvard started an inn and became one of the founders of the university. Later, when the inn was in danger of falling into ruin, a new Queen's head was built on that site, which was paid for with donations from former students. '

"Good," said John de Enim, "nice to know." 'I'm not just saying it,' said Billy Joe, 'part of the service entrance remained, there is next to the new pub, a staircase that leads down to what is storage space, which gives access to the kitchen, it is the old service entrance. '

"Kennedy will never use it," said Captain John, "he goes in through the main gate with his friends." "That is what I think" agreed his brother-in-arms, "but we can't use his entrance if we want to go in, because we don't have a pass and there are always bouncers of the  campus police waiting next to the door." 'It's clear to me,' said John, 'if we have to kill him in the club then that's a way to get in, we can always get out, we'll run out, sketch a gate and go back to our own time wherever that may be. '



Groups of students came walking through the park and Billy Joe pointed to the second group. "There he is, right in the middle," he thought, "he's surrounded by friends, what do you say?" 'This is not a good hit moment,' thought John de Enim, 'we will join them from a distance and see if an opportune moment appears and then sunny boy is done for.'

"Difficult stories from the professor again," laughed one of the boys. "I'm not going to do anything with that," laughed the man who, within a very short while, would change the earthly life for the eternal one.

"Well, Jack," said the first speaker, "I'd better incorporate it into your thesis if I were you, a professor would like to see that." "Ha," scoffed the young man who had been addressed with Jack, "as if I wouldn't get my degree, my parents pay enough."

“We need a John and not a Jack,” said the Captain. “They called him Jack. "I know," replied the lieutenant, it's the nickname his friends give him, then he knows, because he knows a lot of people, that someone who addresses him with Jack is in the inner circle. "

"Mission control," John asked? "Mission control," Billy Joe agreed. The young men walked straight to the front door of the Queen's Head. One drew his wallet to show his card. 'Never mind gentlemen,' came the deep voice of the campus police, 'you are known, have a nice evening.' "It will be the service entrance for us," reported the captain, as they passed the two guards.

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