I am Enim part 31

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The brother in arms took his last bite of the hot dog and wiped his mouth with the back of his left hand. "What do you know about possible hit moments," Captain John asked? "What do you mean," asked Billy Joe. "You are aware of his habits," replied John de Enim, "what is the easiest way to approach him." His lieutenant chewed thoughtfully, then swallowed his last bite and took a sip from the bottle of coca cola.

"There are many moments like that, Captain," he replied, "you just have to choose what suits you best." 'I'm listening,' said John, 'shoot.' 'Look he's not very sporty,' Billy Joe began, 'he tried rugby and golf at Harvard, but was downright bad at it and that was a year ago, so that won't serve our purpose.' "I'll be the one to decide that," said Captain John, "go on, I'm listening." “He's on the varsity swimming team this year,” his brother-in-arms continued, “he seems to be doing reasonably well there. At the very least, you have to be able to swim and that works for him.'

“That's more interesting,” said John, “he has to go there on a regular basis, and of course there are changing rooms and the pool itself, and he has to go back to campus after training. These are all windows and events in his life that follow a pattern. We can then intercept him when the time is right and conclude our business.



"What does he do outside of lectures and varsity swimming," the captain inquired. 'I mean how does he spend his evenings, for example? Does he have a girlfriend? Does he know Jackie, his future wife yet? ' “No, no,” said Billy Joe, “he likes women but there's no fiancé in the picture, and he didn't meet Jackie until 1948, when he was already a senator. That won't be until 12 years from now. '

"So how does he spend his evenings," John insisted? "In the Queen's head," said Billy Joe, "you can find him there five nights a week." "What may the Queen's head be," Captain John asked? 'A pub,' laughed Billy Joe, 'a student pub to be more precise, rather elite, you can only get in if you are affiliated with Harvard.' We should take a look there when we arrive, 'said John de Enim,' he has to go there, be inside for a while and has to go back to the dorms, for a few hours of sleep, then it will be evening and knowing students he'll be tipsy. Those are vulnerable moments for him. '



"Anything else," John asked, "with regards to hit moments?" In two years' time he will go on a 10-week holiday through Europe, "the brother-in-arms announced," and he will be in London for a while with his father who will have been appointed as ambassador. " "We're not going to wait for that," said Captain John, "we'll find him, take him out, consult the cube to see what the effect has been and go back through the gate to the homebase."

"That seems like a tight plan to me," the lieutenant replied, and he thought with satisfaction that his captain was very resolute . 'Thank you,' thought John de Enim, 'that comes with the function, now just take a step back from everything we intend to do, because you almost always have to adjust plans when they are being implemented, we will take it as it comes.'

A loud metal click sounded across the bus square and a metallic voice announced that line 13 to Windsford and Cambridge would leave in 10 minutes. The Enims, walked to the stop where the bus was already warming up, one Enim had images of them jumping into the pool and drowning their sunny boy by holding him under water until all life had left him, but immediately dismissed that possibility, too many people around and a whole swim team that would get in their way.

The captain had images of a pub where they would either befriend their target or kill him on the way home. 'We are actually saviors of humanity,' he thought with satisfaction, 'all those young men that will not die in Vietnam will never know that we prevented that. Such is the tragedy of heroes solving problems in silence, ” and with that thought he boarded the bus, showed his ticket, and sat down on the hard seat for the last hour of travel to Cambridge.

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