I am Enim part 30

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Captain John was stiff and shifted in his seat for a moment, sitting in a bus for 25 hours was not exactly his idea of fun. Cambridge, Massachusetts is not around the corner from Dallas Texas and he regretted having taking the Greyhound bus. It had been the cheapest way to travel and you could tell why.

"Harvard," Lieutenant Billy Joe had said, "is in Cambridge, Massachusetts and our sunny boy is on a bachelor of arts program there." "That's not what you'd expect from a possible future politician," thought John de Enim, "you'd expect something more like political science or anything along those lines."

“He already has his connections,” Billy Joe replied, “politicians are teeming on both sides of his family. He had a grandfather who was a congressman, his father was an ambassador, his grandfather was mayor of Boston, see what I mean. " Captain John nodded, "born with a golden spoon in his mouth," he thought, "then it really can't go wrong in your life."

'He should never have entered politics,' the brother-in-arms agreed, 'then he would have had a good life without complications. Look, if we don't intervene, he will be murdered in Dallas in a few years from now, now we need to remove him in the public interest. ' "What ever moves people," thought the captain, "it was not about money, that is clear, it must have been power, people simply love to call the shots."



"The next stop is Hartford bus station," came the metallic voice from the speaker above the driver. It is our transfer terminal at the intersection of interstate 91 towards Windsor Locks, "he paused, then continued," those traveling towards Worchester on highway 84 to Cambridge should change here. "

The Enims did not have to wait for baggage and went straight to the departure hall when the bus had stopped. "Here it is," said the Captain, "pointing his finger at the notice board, line 13, to Cambridge."

"It won't be leaving for an hour and a half," said Billy Joe, "does it never end, what shall we do besides stretching our legs?" 'We have been on the road for 25 hours,' I am starved, 'John de Enim replied, let's be American,' and he nodded his head to the waiting area where a hot dog car was parked.

"Why did mission control dump us in Dallas," thought John plaintively, "I've got a wooden ass, while 'our friend' is at Harvard studying art." His brother in arms replied immediately, "because he is to be murdered there in 1963." 'It doesn't make sense,' said Captain John, 'then he had already made all those wrong decisions because of his big ego, he was already president then'



'An oversight perhaps, of mission control,' suggested his brother-in-arms, 'in the sea of ​​time and events associated with it, there are all sorts facets to do with Kennedy, Dallas is one of them, but that's at the end of his life. career.'

"Just great," said John. "We will have suffered a horrid trip for 27 hours when we get off at Cambridge because someone far away on the flight deck has been careless."

"Gentlemen," asked the man behind the hot dog car as they studied the billboard, "what will it be?" "Two hot dogs," said Captain John firmly, "and two cokes." "With mustard," asked the man in the white jacket behind the baking tray. "and Ketchup," the lieutenant added.

"You know," thought Billy Joe, "it's no use wondering why mission control does anything, we're their executers of what ever plan they devise, that's all there is to it, whatever they come up with, we simply must comply." "That'll be 26 cents," for both, "said the man who put the buns on a napkin and placed two bottles of coke next to them.

"1937 prices," thought John. "Different times, different prices." He dug 3 dimes up out of his wallet, "just keep the change," he said as he put it on the counter.

"Let's go there," Captain John suggested, pointing his head to a bench at the end of the bus stops. "We can have our bite to eat  and draw a plan?" And so, the two Texan Enims walked towards a bench with their hot dogs in hand, that were still made from good quality meat in those days.

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