I am Enim part 24

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


The wine tasted extremely well and the two men drank it with great pleasure. Mateus beckoned the young maid servant and ordered two more mugs. When they were emptied, Simeon got up, "we must go," he spoke, "otherwise we will simply stay here." They were just a few steps from the inn when the Enims floated into being. Captain Enim chose Simeon as host and therefor his lieutenant entered Mateus's body. Simeon's personality sputtered but the Enim squeezed and worked until Simeon's ego was no more than a grain of sand.

The original Simeon had one last thought before he was minimized, and it had to do with the wine and that it had more effect on him than he had expected. Then he was completely taken over, for a brief moment he had had the idea that everything was clearer and that a consciousness was being revealed in him and then he disappeared into the grain of sand that remained of his being.

'Right Lieutenant Mateus," thought the new Simeon, " have you settled in and are you  ready." "Absolutely," his brother-in-arms reflected. "Time to retrieve the cube," thought Simeon the Enim, "let's sketch the gate and then look for that anointed one." The men walked silently further away from the inn and when they were out of sight the captain pointed to a field. "That looks like a suitable place," he thought.

"You start," he ordered his lieutenant. Who looked closely at the meadow and said, 'it was spring, and the sun was shining, a building stood in the distance.' Together they looked at the meadow with great intensity. A few feet away from them, the air began to vibrate the way the air sometimes reflects on a warm day above the asphalt. "That's the way it should be," said the captain, "hold and capture," and the air hung trembling and began to wring as if looking for a shape to come. The twisting and trembling air now took shape and became a stone gate with moss between the joints. The ground in front of the gate was lit as if by a watery sun and through the gate the butterflies flew above the open cups of the sea of ​​flowers. '



A fiery streak approached high in the sky but now on the other side of the gate, a streak disappearing behind a distant building. "We've landed," the lieutenant said happily, "and now the outcome is correct, it's time to go," and they walked together to the stone gate and stepped out onto the lawn. "The creek and the bridge," the lieutenant said to Captain Simeon. "You calculate the deer," he replied, and moments later the water splashed under the wooden bridge and they saw a figure approaching the bridge. It was the watchman who came to meet them. "So far, so good," he thought, "I brought you the cube," and reached out, to hand it over. He looked sideways at the bank, "the deer looks good," his thought sounded approvingly in our heads, "and the panting is authentic." "Thank you," said Simeon, "we're pleased with it, as well." He took the cube from the watchman and put it in a bag under his cloak.



I don't want to rush you, "thought the watchman," but time is pressing and out of joint so you know what to do. " "Back through the gate," I asked? "Indeed," replied the guard, "back to your monkey country to correct a few matters," and he turned and walked back into the distance. With a few steps we crossed the lawn and we stepped through the stone gate that started to vibrate and dissolved when the lieutenant had stepped through. We were again in the warmth of dusty Judea. "The mission really starts now," I thought to Mateus, "good luck." “Thank you, Captain,” it sounded in my head, 'like wise, “and we continued our way to Capernaum.


San Daniel 2020


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