I am Enim part 23

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


Simeon got up and drank his bowl of goat's milk, which was covered under a cloth on his table. The sun climbed over the mountains and shone over his modest house. He was pleased, and he was delighted that the sun was now slowly sweeping over his fields. The dew glittered like pearls on the stalks of corn that gently rocked back and forth in the morning breeze.

He was not rich, he was not poor, he had enough income to meet his obligations and he did it without complaining. It would be a special day for Simeon, along with his neighbor, he would go to the temple complex to pay the annual temple tax. Then they would make a sacrifice, and have a drink in an inn and look about a bit in the market that was always present on temple day.

"It was going to be a goat," decided Simeon, "and maybe it was better to buy the kid at the market," he thought, "and not from the priests, who always put some pennies on the blood sacrifices." You had to wait and see if your goat was sacrificed. If you gave the money to the priests you had to hope that the kid that was slaughtered at a distance was not paid by a multitude of well-intentioned people. "No, it was better to go with Mateus, his neighbor," to buy a kid and give it as an offering to the priests at the temple. "



He was just taking his last sip when the curtain hanging over his doorway slid aside and Mateus appeared in the opening. "Shalom Aleechem," his neighbor greeted him. "Shalom," Simeon repeated, toward his neighbor, "are you ready," he asked. "Who is ever ready to pay taxes?" Laughed his neighbor. 'I think it's a nice change,' replied Simeon, 'you travel somewhere and you go to the market and have a drink and you offer a kid, your sins are forgiven and you are a few drachmas lighter. But then you are also a year done with the temple tax.



"It's going to be a hot day," replied his neighbor, "and it is going to be a long way to Capernaum." "I'll just grab my sandals and I'm ready," said Simeon, and he walked to his bedroom and took the Roman denarii that were equal to the drachmas in Judea. He put on his sandals in passing and wrapped a cloth around his head against the heat. The didrachmae just had to collect money and register the income. But he had to slave for two full days to scrape those two denarii together.


The sun had now climbed high in the sky and the two men walked silently side by side on the sandy path that would eventually lead to town. "You know," Mateus began, after a while, "my great-nephew has an inn halfway through town, which is about an hour's walk from here." "Yes," Simeon asked? "He's got this year's new wine," his neighbor said, "and I've heard it's exceptionally good." "We're going to check that out," chuckled, Simeon, "but no more than a few cups, because we still have to make it to the didrachmae."


"Well now," Mateus replied, ' the journey is back and forth and on the way back we can stop there as well and if our sins are forgiven for another year, it doesn't matter how we spend the rest of the day. " And so sometimes we make plans in our lives, which is is fair enough, why wouldn't one make plans, but little could they know that the two Enims were about to cross their path and that they could enjoy their wine on the way out, but that there would never be a way back..

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