I am Enim part 21

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


"All very well," I said, "but when we arrive at the chosen time frame, we'll be there in the spirit." "Yes," came my grandfather's inner voice, "and ...?" "How do we carry out our mission," I continued, "and the cube is material, we need it, how do we get it there?" "You've learned so much lately," thought my great-grandfather, "connect those things." 'I can't take the cube with me in the capsule,' I thought, ' only my thoughts are being loaded in, right?' "Both statements are correct," my great-grandfather replied. 'your thoughts are down loaded and you cannot take anything material with you. But you still need the cube. ' "I'm listening," I announced, "how should we do that." 'If you have arrived in the right time span,' said my grandfather, 'then you find two bodies to make use of, you take them over, they will serve you in your assignment. You can leave them at will. ' "And the cube ..." I wanted to know? 'Then,' said my great-grandfather after he had taken a sip of his whiskey, 'you and your brother-in-arms make the gate to us and you will be handed the cube,' he looked at me inquisitively, 'that wasn't so difficult, now, was it.? '



"I understand," I said simply, "we have to get to the right time frame first, but that is taken of by mission control, then we embody ourselves and connect with the present here through the gate." "You see," my great-grandfather sounded satisfied, "that's how it goes, how could it be otherwise." I felt like a student who had barely understood a difficult sum and then found the sum simple, after the explanation. "Finish your goat's milk," my grandfather said to my lieutenant, "time is running out." "Without wanting to be negative," said my brother-in-arms, "I can say it's really, really nasty stuff," and he took the last gulp from his bowl. " In the capsule during your journey, 'my grandfather continued,' you will see images related to your assignment, nothing beats visual education. ' "You bet it's graphic," my great-grandfather added, "There is nothing that surpasses the manipulative power structures of this globe, it is nice that you can begin to change things that are hindering the Second Coming."



After these words my great-grandfather put down his empty glass and said, "and now it is time to go, the watchman will show the way." My grandfather looked at me for a moment, "I'm proud of you," he said, "good luck with the mission and if you act, don't hesitate, you're prepared for whatever comes your way." He hugged me and the watchman stepped forward. "Come along warriors for the Lord," he said, "this is the start of a new beginning." He turned around and we followed him to the capsules.

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