I am Enim part 20

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For three long months, Captain Enim and his brother-in-arms were bombarded with images of their reality. Eventually they were able to envision every facet of the gateway and its surroundings. After those three months, new elements were sometimes added or partial aspects were missing, but that was immediately recognized by the men and either restored or erased. The last time the collective voice spoke there had been satisfaction. "If you don't find your way back now," it sounded, "it is your own doing," and that closed the block.

I waited for what was to come, but it remained quiet. Out of the light the watchman stepped forward and he walked a few steps into the darkness, "warriors for the Lord," he said, "the time has come for your final preparations, arise and follow me." Having become submissive after all the information that had settled in us, we got up and walked towards him, into the light.

"I can't let go of the images," came the voice of my brother-in-arms, "I can remember every bit of wood from the bridge." I nodded ahead of myself and thought, 'and I know the water has to ripple and how it has to splash.' "Never forget the deer," thought my brother-in-arms, "the panting deer, he always comes to take a drink on the bank." I knew he was right. How do you know the image is complete, ”asked the watchman as we walked on?

"The fiery line in the distance with the landed shiny sphere," thought my fellow combatant and I simultaneously. "The God's table standing outside and waiting for us," I added. "There are always two Enims waiting for us," my brother-in-arms continued. '

"You're all set," said the guard. "Good advice," came his inner voice, "just for the general good of both of you, never change anything too close to your own existence in the past, because that will be reflected in your later self."




"What is my next stage," my fellow combatant wanted to know? "You are going to immerse yourself very much," replied the guard, "in the genealogy of some Middle Eastern families." As I understand, when I was waiting for you, it involves a number of genealogical lines. ' We walked on and I waited for what was to follow. "I have to take you to the study room of mission control," said the guard. 'there the timeline of one Natan is loaded up for you and everyone who had to do with him.' "That doesn't mean anything to me," said my brother-in-arms. "That's why you'll go to the study room," laughed the guard. "I understand that I also have to communicate to you, that your focus must be on Natan and his followers, but also on a Seatiel and then you will automatically run into Zerubbabal, that goes without saying."

'Because…' I thought questioningly? "If one is the son of the other," said the watchman, "you will encounter him in the timeline, that seems logical to me."




'How is it,' I thought, 'that every time I am on my way to a course, I arrive there extremely confused. 'Because you don't have the missing information yet,' replied the guard, 'but we'll update that and then you don't know any better. "We're just tools in the hands of the flight deckers," I thought. "That's right," it sounded almost jubilantly in my head, "and remember that you had never heard of flight deckers before and now you've accepted them as part of your environment." I knew the watchman was right, "how extraordinary," I thought, "he is absolutely right."


The watchman paused and stopped in front of a dark door. "Just go in," spoke his inner voice, "you are expected and just say that you are part of the Judas mission." Lieutenant Enim knocked modestly on the door, and as it swept open, he stepped inside.

'What now,' I wondered? "You'll follow me to God's table," the watchman explained to me. 'you are expected there with great eagerness.' I nodded ahead of myself. "The time of fulfillment is almost there," the watchman continued. "You're going to influence with your buddy, some nasty power structures, you know, those things that get out of hand and start to lead their own lives and where you can only intervene rigorously to retain some control."

I let it come over me, I would see what life would bring. We approached a large table in a brightly lit room with what looked like a long bar next to it. Two men sat at the table and got to their feet. I recognized them immediately, they were the men who had been sitting outside the shining sphere when I first arrived.



"I am the father," said the man who had been my great-grandfather in another past, "and that is my son," and he pointed to my grandfather, "and you are ...? "Just say it," I thought, "I really don't know who I really am anymore." "You're the fixer, of gross mistakes," said the man who had apparently been my great-grandfather, and you're about to make big changes." "Look at him," my grandfather entered into the discussion and there was pride in his voice, "how you have grown and a captain as a starting rank, that's not wrong at all, you know"?

"What is my mission, gentlemen," I asked submissively. "We are going to send you to some monkey land and you are going to ensure that someone who, because of his short-lived presence on the earthly valley of tears, caused centuries of misery, does not come into being." "I have to take someone out," I asked in amazement? My great-grandfather explained not exactly, "you have to prevent that figure from ever existing."

'Let's go to the farewell bar,' suggested my grandfather, 'that talks easier and he got up saying that. The brother of life behind the bar came to his feet. "What will it be, gentlemen," he asked? "Do two whiskeys and a strong cafe solo for the boy," he said kindly to the life brother who gave a short nod and walked over to the expresso machine.

"There's no coffee where you go yet," the voice of my great-grandfather said in my head, "they only drink bland goat's milk and Chai all day long." "Monkey countries," my grandfather added. "So enjoy your cafe solo," my great-grandfather continued undisturbed, "because it will be a while before your next one."

"Before we go any further," thought my grandfather, looking at his father, "don't forget the cube." "There is only one cube per mission," said the man who calimed to have been my great-grandfather in another existence. 'That cube is a viewing device, you can see what the results of your actions are when you have carried out the assignment, it is not time-bound and you can adjust some things if necessary.' "You can also dust folk with it," my grandfather added, "but don't use it lighthearted."



“When you've arrived in your time frame,” said the nestor of us, “you can consult the cube and it will be your compass. Your assignment will become clearer as you receive the information from your cube. ' He handed me a cube that he dug out of his pocket and I looked at it for a moment but it was dull and without any image.

"That's it," I asked, "that all sounds rather vague." "We'll wait for your brother-in-arms," ​​my grandfather answered, and "then everyone will go his own way."

Three men had come up next to us. "what will it be gentlemen," asked the brother-in-arms? "Three white wines," said the one who seemed the oldest. He turned to the youngest of the party. "You are going to some monkey country," I heard him say, "it will be a while before you'll taste another good wine." "Still I don't understand why that one Kennedy has to go," said the youngest. "Just do it," said the older man.

'Look, my great-grandfather said to my grandfather,' that's why the mission must only become clear at its destination, otherwise you will all have these side discussions. ' There the considerations ended because I saw my brother-in-arms approaching. He walked half bent over and seemed to be mumbling all sorts.

"Ezhkeh was Mechmet's fourth brother," he said as he approached. "The Marahabbah," he thought with conviction, "was in first instance a flying table, something like the God's table." "What will it be, young man," my great-grandfather asked. "Just give me a bowl of dirty goat's milk," my lieutenant replied. "He's  come well prepared," I thought

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