I am Enim part 18

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


The dome zoomed open, 'we will erase some unpleasant experiences and then you may leave the craft,' came Egor's inner voice, 'the flight trajectory is complete, you are now an Enim captain. "That could never have been 160 years of flying experience," I thought. "That's right," said Egor, in reality they were a good 161 years . " That was even more than I had imagined. It had become clear to me, time in a bent space passes differently.

"Do you have any memory about Sodom," came the voice, "or Gomorrah for that matter, which was next to it?" No, ”I thought. "Good then that has been erased." said Egor. 'no images of the conflagration when you turned on the afterburners either.' 'No, I thought in surprise,' Is that what I did then. ' "Think of it as a mistake," said mission control, you should have floated and you accelerated instead, then you get those kinds of effects on the Earth's surface. " We will erase that again, 'it sounded,' and then your watchman will be  waiting for you ... '

'Come out then,' came Egor's inner voice, 'the flight trajectory is complete, you are now an Enim captain. "That could never have been 160 years of flying experience," I thought. "That's right," said Egor, in reality they were a good 161 years. " That was even more than I had imagined. It had become clear to me, time in a bent space passes differently.

"You have been engaged in observation, recognition and response," reported mission control, "and we are satisfied, your flight training is complete, you will never get better or sharper than now." I took that for granted.

"When you are re-embodied, the watchman will take you to the block: formulating true realities," mission control continued, "and from there you will be given instructions, which, if followed successfully, will take care of the Second Coming." 'The Second Coming,' I thought, 'surely not the end of times and the Mesiah that returns, will that really take place, are the Bible texts really predictive?'

"Well, no, Captain Enim," it came to my mind, in a mocking manner, as if I had cracked a good joke, and others more or less agreed, "those are just words, but circumstances need to be adjusted so that the Lord can return." 'I was getting confused,' so the return of the Mesiah, 'I thought? "Who said the Mesiah was the Lord," it said. 'First back to your physical presence and then to the formulating of reality with your brother in arms.' "I didn't know I had a partner," I tried to say. But Egor interrupted and cut off that possibility. "It was a pleasure to accompany you, Captain Enim, good luck and stay well."



The watchman got up and smiled as he walked with the brother of life to my easy chair. "Welcome Captain Enim," he said, "let's say, did you have a good flight." I nodded, still confused by what mission control had told me before the call was disconnected.

The brother of life carefully removed the breathing tube from my mouth and unfastened my helmet. He walked to the screen and turned it off. I will hand you over to your watchman again, he thought, and he walked over to the second chair.

"Has the capsule  moved while I was in it," I asked the guard? "Why would that be necessary," was his reply. "You have come to understand time and space, and you know that your survival tactics are based on perception and reaction," thought my watchman, "and that between perception and reaction, the recognition takes place." I understood that, you cannot analyze a problem if you do not recognize it as a problem and that is based on your perception.

'Now you have to realize a third element, really make it part of yourself, otherwise you will only have understood separate facts, and it is about the connections that arise from data that is handed to you.'

"So what's that third element," I wondered. "Look now you are doing well," thought my watchman. 'You know it takes time to bridge space, you just learned that. And that you can sometimes bend time because you can distort space. ' I nodded. 'Space and time are inextricably linked with place. You need time to reach a place, sometimes that location is present without time slipping and sometimes you choose to shape a place. Because you are already in that place.



I thought that was fairly abstract, but I thought I could follow the watchman. "The perception of a place is not the same for everyone," my supervisor continued. 'That depends on the life history and world of experience of the observer. But we think it is extremely important that we as Enims form the same picture of our reality. ' He paused and I thought I was still following him.

'You reach a place by traversing space or bridging time, but you can also evoke a place like a sweet memory that you think back to. Then that place is not physically present, but for the person in question it is part of his reality. '

"That's the next block I'll take you to with your combat partner." "Who is my combat partner?" I wondered desperately. 'Oh what a shame, you let your mind swirl,' the admonishing voice of my watchman came in my head, 'don't do that! "We talked about place and reality and that I will take you to that block after which I must hand you over to God's table." "I'm sorry," I thought, "I'm listening."

"If we have the same concept of reality," the watchman continued, "we are not only united in our thinking but can always evoke or find that place." I thought I could follow that, although I resolved to only listen before coming up with questions.

"You look at the place where you are at that moment," my supervisor said, "and add or remove facets to reach this place, our safe house." That's what you did, "I almost cried out," when I was taken through the fall and spring gate. You have calculated reality to come  back here again, your reality. '

"Hey, hey, what else," said the watchman. "But after the formulating block, of the realities, this will be your home too, always for time eternal."


'Let's just summarize for a moment,' I thought, 'with the capsule I can bridge or distort time and end up in a time junction and I can always return here calculating our reality.' "That is well put but don't let it get to your head," said the watchman's inner voice, "that's about the way it goes, but that's why you go to the next block, we must all be formed in the same manner."

'Look, for the sake of clarity,' said the watchman, 'you only arrive from the capsule with your thoughts and ego in a time joint, then you go for a  body in which you enter, because you want to be able to perform physical actions in the chosen time frame to accomplish your mission and once there, you can calculate your reality to return to our safe house. '

"If I may interrupt, the combat partner has come around," thought the life brother, and I saw the figure of the second rest chair rise. "May I introduce you," said the watchman earnestly, "this is Captain Enim, and then he turned to me," this is your brother in arms, Lieutenant Enim. "

"Pleased to meet you and ready to serve," the lieutenant spoke. "Amen," said the watchman.


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