I am Enim part 17

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"We're going to anchor you and release you and anchor you and release you, and we're going to limit your speed when you're loose," Egor said. 'Then you can float about and freewheel for a while, skill comes with experimentation and without that experience you will never be completely one with your craft.'

I looked at the little man on the console who looked intently at me, his thoughts coming to me at full blast. 'There has also been a small update,' continued Egor, 'on the left of the screen you now see a counter, a liitle ways above my head, which indicates warp speed. "We agree that you only follow the speeds that we allow you to follow."

I would normally have nodded and I saw my avatar do just that.

"The past and the future do not exist," came the inner voice of mission control, "and are just concepts used to describe the real, isolated, and the changing present." I just let the voice drone on, mission control would know.

'We believe that time may not exist and that all particles of matter and energy can be described as waves. And waves have an unusual property: there can be an infinite number of them at the same location. ' 'So ..' I thought? 'Everything can exist simultaneously in one and the same location,' Egor continued, 'you just have to accept that, that is easier than to envision it.' I resolved to do that, and thought the realization will come from the experiences that awaited me.

'We measure,' said Egor, 'we all measure our experience in space-time differently. That's because space-time is not flat - it is curved and can be distorted by matter and energy or memories. We can select fragments from those endless possibilities. '

I started to get dizzy, I had trouble concentrating on that thought voice that was constantly spewing out new information.



'It takes time to cross space, so if you distort space, bend it, you bend time too.' was the next statement and I thought that it sounded logical, although I could not form a picture to sustain that thought.

'It will come,' said a cheerful inner voice, 'there is one more thing you need to grasp before we can start'

'A vessel that wants to use warp drive must bubble the space behind her and shrink space in front of it. The ship is stationary, but you let the space around it deform and, just like a sea-going vessel, that makes the water pass under it, and just like that sailing ship, you now let the space pass below you. We call that anchoring. '

I tried to follow the inner voice with all my might and to understand what was being said and then it became clear to me. "With bend space you can shorten and cut travel time," I thought. "That's right," it sounded in my head, "and that also means if you've understood it all correctly ..?"

"That," I began hesitantly, just as the sailing ship with the water passing under her, passes the time below our vessel and we can choose where we stop in time. "

"And now for the example to make it completely clear to you," said Egor. "When you're on a treadmill in the gym, you walk or run, at any speed, but you're anchored, you're not moving forward, and although such is the case, time passes while you're not covering a distance."


"It's clear to me, thank you," I thought. 'I am ready!' We are going to do pinpricks in time, 'the mission controller sounded,' and you are going to do that more and more independently under our guidance, so you accelerate, we let go and we anchor you ... and you accelerate and let go and so you skip like a stone over the water, in and out again in and out of joints of time. '

After the counter indicated warp 3, I floated over the waters and in the distance I saw the coast looming with a large dense forest.

"Look," said the man pointing up, "have you see that?" The woman looked at her husband in irritation. "I don't see anything," she answered sharply. "Now it's gone again," said Adam, "but I saw it floating over the edge of the forest." "Yes, there it is again," the man shouted, but his wife was just examining a handful of berries she had just picked. "I am gettin tired of all those berries," she said with a nagging voice, "just eating berries all day is a drag and I am also getting tired of what you can or cannot see, you can do whatever you want, but I'm going to the fruit trees in the field."

"It's still early, she can't help it" thought Adam, "she's always moody in the morning, but that will get better as the day passes and he averted the sky and followed his wife.

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