I am Enim part 16

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"Your personality and ego have been down loaded," the thought sounded in me. It had not been the inner voice of the brother of life and that thought was of course known to the transmitter, because he made himself known. "You are now being guided by mission control," was the new thought that formed. "Call me Egor, if you want to know something that can be helpful in your situation." A name, "I thought in surprise," I thought we were all Enim?" 'Sub flight deckers and flight deckers have names they must be accessible, ”sounded the pedantic voice. All are Enims and Enims are equal but some are more than equal, I belong to the later.'

'Thanks, I thought,' I was just surprised, that's all. ' Leave that out, "it sounded," you'll get the information that you need and you are wasting time, if you keep asking questions out of amazement. "

"Right in front of you on the console, is a small screen," the thought continued, "do you see that?" I saw the screen. 'There are two projections on it,' continued Egor, 'I am on your left, that automatically makes you the right figure.'

The figure on the left was noticeably shorter in stature than the figure that represented me. "That's right," said Egor, "subdeckers and flight deckers are generally shorter than the average Enim, that has to do with leadership and insight." "I don't follow that," came my inner voice, "why should that be?" 'You are wasting time again,' Egor said and the little man on the screen looked at me intently, 'don't do that! There is no progression if you waste time, you are a typical  twentieth century person, always asking questions and wanting to have a say in matters.



"We're going back to the egg," said Egor, and I deliberately acquiesced to that and waited for what was to come. 'Look,' said the man of mission control, 'now it is going well, now there is communication, that only takes place if there is a speaker and a listener, if one of the two is missing, nothing will be transferred, let's call you for convenience sake, the recipient.

"So to the egg," Egor repeated himself, "we will see if we can go back to the origin, with a little luck you will be able to do so in a month or two then time." There was a soft, swelling buzz. ' I just started your module for the sake of your benefit, "Egor shared," that will be the last time because experience in life is the best teacher. " I had an image of my former life with that but I immediately banned that, I had to be open to communication. 'Pay attention, you have been loaded in,' said Egor, 'you have become part of this vessel, say the steering chip. A thinking chip that gives direction to events. '



From now on your thoughts will guide the craft, 'came Egor's inner voice,' there are some snags to that, when you speed through the universe, you cannot react quickly enough to objects that you encounter on your route, so formulate your thought sharp and sensible. For example, if you are up to speed, such a sensible thought would be, 'avoid objects that can collide, adjust the course to avoid collisions.' I resolved to do that immediately. "It is mind over matter," sounded Egor, "those who forget that, disappear into oblivion."

"Rise up," I thought, feeling a slight tremor go through the craft. 'Avoid objects that could collide, then adjust the course,' was my next thought. There was a ping. "That's the confirmation," was the core idea of ​​misssion control, "if you don't hear that, your order won't be executed." I nodded unconsciously, or I would have if I would have had a body. I saw that the little man had nodded on the console. "You learn quickly," said Egor. your avatar nodded, he is the representation of the body you left behind. It is the representation of the flesh and blood person that you are, placed in the virtual world.



I felt overcome by new ideas but I decided not to formulate any more questions. The direction and control must become second nature, "Egor announced. 'If you can do that automatically, you can think at a different level while the propulsion is not being interrupted.' During your flight I will give you directions, "I heard in my head," follow them up closely or you will never get back to the egg. " "Forward and accelerate," I thought, and as a test, I thought, "do it exponentially." A ping confirmed my order. Purple sparks danced around the craft and I saw the little man on the screen wincing and holding his head, the smaller figure did the same and it looked like he was screaming, at least his mouth was open.



Now the sparks turned black and at times gray, I heard creaking noises. "Slow down to a near stop," I thought, hearing immediately the pinging sound telling me that execution was in progress. When my eye fell on the screen I saw that figures had been colored red and were slowly returning to the basic color.

'Oh my sweet Ra,' it sounded in my head, 'that was, let's check that on the mission table, that was warp 4, that's 100 times the speed of light. This is how you leave the solar system, that is not our intention, you have to get back to the origin, stay in place and gather speed in an anchored place. How else can you let time slip by?

"You mean," I thought doubtfully, "back to the egg," back in time? " "Is that what you mean Egor," my inner voice almost cried out.

"What else," it sounded in my mind!

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