I am Enim part 15

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


"It is about perceiving and reacting," thought the brother of life, "and between perception and reaction is recognition." In the meantime I was led to a capsule and I followed meekly, I had understood when my colleague had been dusted away in the disclosure course that it was important to give your own ego a break. 'That's a good core idea,' said the inner voice of the brother of life in my head, 'resignation is part of growth. There is no progression without resignation to the situation that surrounds you. '

In the meantime we had reached the platform where three capsules were set up, the dome of the nearest one was open. In two reclining chairs, a little more to the side lay two bodies with wired helmets, they looked lifeless. A small screen next to them showed a graph that had become a straight line and a tube disappeared into their mouth.

The other two craft had closed the dome, and a blue shower of sparks crackled its way past the craft. "They go warp speed," was the inner voice of the brother of life.

"Is that fast," I wanted to know? "About 299.792 miles per second," came his thought. 'Wow,' I thought back, 'is that really possible'? 'Don't doubt for a second, truths,' came the rebuking thought of the brother of life and he led me to the chair that was next to my vessel 'Now you lie down and put on your helmet, and just let life lead you' ​​was the next thought that reached me.



"Are they dead," I asked, looking at the other two helmeted figures. "Dead, dead," came the inner voice of my guide, in a way as if I were a stupid child who understood nothing. "They are here because nobody survives the speed of light," the explanation sounded, but you have to bridge space, so if you call dead, being without thoughts, you can say that they are now dead. But everything is reversible, it always depends on reaction and recognition. '

"Are they bridging the space while they are here," I wondered. "Who else," my supervisor said. "Look," he thought next, nodding his head at the farthest craft that was now spreading purple sparks of rain. 'It is now running on Warp speed 2. That is very good, he will come back.'

I hardly dared to think it, but thoughts had become public good. "The other one stays dead," my supervisor announced. After stating so, he walked to the figure closest to me and turned off his screen. The sparks stopped now at the center vehicle and the dome  slid upwards, the plane was empty as far as I could see.

'Thoughts have no weight,' I received, 'and we are on about artificial worlds and virtual reality.



'They steer with their thoughts,' it dawned on me, 'they are here but steer with their thoughts and suddenly an old biblical text bubbled up, they were the first words in the bible that explained the creation of the earth.

"Now the earth was waste and void, and darkness lay upon the waters, and the Spirit floated over the waters." "The spirit wouldn't have been an Enim now or ..," and I realized the answer before my companion thought it to me. "Who else but a son of Ra?" Came the answer in my head. But I had already suspected it, the thoughts of an Enim, who himself had been connected a screen, had floated above the waters in a capsule in virtual time.

'You always start your training with floating about, you know,' I heard my life brother think, warp speed does not fit in, then comes the perception, the recognition and the reaction. '

"Do I have a choice," I asked in my mind as my helmet was connected to the screen with a cable? "None," came a counter thought.

I felt myself slipping away and my ego, my thoughts and whatever went with it, slowly drifted towards the opened capsule, I just saw that one of the pilots, the one who had not made warpspeed 2, was dusted and was blown away, carried away by an invisible wind . "People mean what they say here," was my last thought outside of the capsule. Then the dome closed over my entity.

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