I am Enim part 14

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


In the distance loomed a signpost that lit up as we approached. "Virtual realities and centers of formation," I read, the pointer pointed to an illuminated point in the distance. 'Formation and the virtual go hand in hand,' thought my supervisor, 'you can only manipulate the virtual if you are well formed.' Well just look at that, I thought. I wondered how many courses I would have to complete before I could be a fully deployable Enim.

"That depends on your assigned mission," thought the guard, "and you have no control over that." "Who decides that," I wondered. "The flight deck, of course," came the answer, "and the God group." "Are you still being formed," I wanted to know from the guard? "Even the flight deckers still have upgrade courses," the thought formed in my head.

We now passed a sign with 'mission control' on it. 'That is a source of information for deployed Enims,' my supervisor reported, 'a kind of help desk,' I had no idea what he was about. 'That will come in due time,' thought the watchman, 'first things first. First your training, then a few simple missions as a test and in the meantime you will be guided by mission control. How else could you distinguish between reality as you experience it and real situations of what we think are desirable. '



“It would be very confusing,” I thought, “if you walked around in a different reality or back then time and you lost contact with a home beacon. You would get lost and your life would just be spent there forever. ' The watchman looked at me sideways for a moment, "things like that happen, you know," his thought formed inside me. 'Normally those people end up in an asylum completely unhappy, they hear voices and are seen to be crazy. They feel they have a mission but are not understood and some appear in court because they were not well enough adjusted for the time, and the very moment they declare that they have acted on the basis of voices they only hear, their fate has been determined. ' "Schizophrenics really do hear voices," I thought. "Some do and some don't," said the watchman, "but we can't have an Enim exposed, so if someone messes up his mission like that, we'll drop them like a brick and then they end their existence as lunatics."

"That sounds pretty awful to me," I thought. "Oh well, awful, awful," replied my watchman, "at the most annoying for those who disappear in time like a pinprick, misunderstood. On the other hand, if it has been an only one-time failure, then we can fish that person up again from another time frame and then they go on some upgrade courses until they are ready to be send out again. '



'Look, we shape the world,' my supervisor continued, 'at least we try to bring that world to a shape that is closest to our insights, then you have to adjust, or intervene, that is not always appreciated.' 'Because,' I asked? ' Because those ideas, "thought the watchman thoughtfully," differ from time to time from what is permitted at that particular time. But causes always have consequences and if you want to take a race to a higher level, you will have to make adjustments from time to time. '

So much had changed since my last cup of coffee. "Does my favorite restaurant still exist where I enjoyed my last cup of coffee," I wondered? "No, no, no silly boy," the guard laughed in my mind, "that was closed 200 years ago, there is now an apartment building that is about to be demolished again."

"How bizarre," I thought, "one moment you drink coffee and the next moment those things I had taken for granted disappear." 'There is nothing bizarre about that,' my watchman proclaimed, 'you do remember, time and space always deform, it has never been any different, they are just hollow graphs. We occasionally fill those charts with meaningful events or we filter out those individuals who stand in the way of such events. It is a pity if you have to intervene in this way in lives, but the flight deck simply keeps an eye on our goals and yes, the individual has to make way for the higher good. '



We now came to a light blue lit platform and the guard walked straight to the reception counter. I recognized or thought I recognized the brother of life from the class situation. "No," my supervisor thought to me, "it's just a worker, they all look alike, they're clones, you know?" "I have the candidate for flight training here," thought my attendant. The brother of life looked at me with a critical eye. "Short flights or the 160 years one," he wanted to know. "Just do 160 plus," my watchman replied, "we don't want a blemish on our coat of arms, a little more virtual reality won't hurt."

"Follow me," came the thought of the brother of life and I walked meekly with him. "I'll be waiting for you here," my supervisor said, "remember, full attention and do not die during training because then we have to pick you up from your restaurant again and time is running out." I nodded and then thought, 'I'll be fine, I'll see you later.'

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