I am Enim part 13

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


A thought was beginning to occur and through the visor I saw that with every word that formed in my head, a number of lights flickered on my table. "A thought is being loaded into me," I thought, how extraordinary. There was a shock through my arms and my fingers tightened for a moment as the blue sparks left my body there. "No whirling around  in your head," a thought prevailed, and I realized it had been in the instructor's voice. 'How can we unlock your thoughts,' continued that inner voice, 'if you are not open to what we offer. Now be mindful or we need to help you concentrate, "and that was immediately followed by a jolt through my arms."

"I understand," I thought. It was quiet in my head, I tried to force myself not to think about anything. A thought occurred and through the visor I saw that with every word that formed in my head, a number of lights flickered on my table.

"Don't be afraid of the loneliness or the silence," formed, and I immediately thought, "why should I be," which was punished by an even more powerful shock than the two previous shocks. My body rippled for a moment and I felt sweat bead up on my forehead.

I cleared my mind, at least I made it as empty as possible. I was open to whatever thought wanted to form and I understood that I could differentiate between my own inner voice thoughts and those thoughts that tried to reach me.

"Don't fear the loneliness or the silence," my mind formed again, meekly waiting for what would come next. "If you follow the crowd, you'll lose yourself," was the next excerpt.



I forced myself not to get sidetracked or as it had been said, I tried not to whirl because that would have consequences and I feared those consequences would be shocks that would intensify until I was dust. so I obediently waited with my arms through the cuffs and my helmet flashing every now and then.

"but if you follow your soul, you lose the crowd," was the next thought that slowly revealed itself. 'Eventually your soul tribe will reveal itself, you will be looking for them or they will be looking for you and you will recognize each other. That is the tribe that counts and of which you are to become a part. '

Nothing formed for a while and I waited because I had learned a lot after a few shocks. With my visor down I sat in solitude and silence and I waited for more to come.

"we are that tribe," continued the inner voice that was not mine, "do not fear the process but experience the Enimship."

A violent blue flash to my right made me bounce up, I had sat still as if in meditation and this awakened me from my resting position.

A sharp ozone smell surrounded me and in my head the other inner voice announced that unfortunately one of us had been dusted because he had not yet been ready for the lessons.

'he will have to be searched for in all kinds of realities,' went through my mind in my own voice. "He's going to take a walk and then meet two Enims and then the whole story will start all over."

I had no doubts as to the correctness of that thought and for a moment thought back to my own kidnapping. I had sat quietly on a terrace and I now understood that I had been  recognized. As if the two Enims had scanned the crowd with built-in radar and had filtered me out.

That would make an unconscious Enim a beacon and then I thought, 'if you could express Enimship in percentages then it might have been passed down genetically from generation to generation and then it depended on who the partners had been, Enim with a not Enim, which would lower the percentage or, consciously or unconsciously, Enim with Enim which, or increased or decreased the percentage. '



"You are already working on the origin," said the other inner voice, "that is good, but that is part of the next block and the watchman will take you there." I felt the cuffs that had hugged my arms loosen their grip now, but I meekly waited. If an Enim-to-be gets dusted next to you, you will.

The watchman came next to me. "Take your arms out of the shackles," he thought gently. "Another inner voice," it flashed through me. "You did well," came that inner voice praising me, you've only had a few corrective shocks. "

"Take your helmet off too," he continued and as I did so, I just saw how the instructor faded away. For a while a slightly red glow remained and then that disappeared as well.



"What's next on the program," I thought. "You're going into the virtual capsule and experience a bit of the origin," it sounded in my head. "Follow me," and he left the circle. I had a bit of an image with that, I had once worn virtual reality glasses in a theme park. "This is a bit different," said the watchman, "if you walked in your world in virtual reality in a landscape with dinosaurs, it might very much have had the appearance of reality, but you were not in any physical danger."

I held back for a moment and thought, "But ...?" If you die in our virtual reality, "came the answer," then you have actually died in reality. " "Of course I can't say that I want to go back," I thought, "just back to my terrace and my cup of coffee because you have turned us into an empty collection there."

"That's right," thought my guard, "we don't like to waste time, you just have to make sure you don't fly into anything." "Fly," my inner voice called out, "you are not going to  make a  a bird out of me!" 'No,' thought my guard back, 'everyone knows that birds are not Enim. You are to become a pilot. Not forever, but just for a few years then time for you. '

"Will it never end," I thought desperately. 'Not for the first 160 years the your then time of your formation,' said the watchman's inner voice, 'but then you are ready to be deployed. "160 years of training," my inner voice screamed. "Relax," was the watchman's thought, "we've all been there, that's only a few hours your time here."

I thought back to the terrace, how my life had changed and suddenly I saw the link. 'have you brought me back with virtual reality,' my inner voice asked, 'could you therefore calculate or create gates where it was spring on one side while we stood on the autumn side. Or was I already always living in a false reality? '

"You can almost conduct the course yourself," laughed the guard's voice in my head, but now keep moving, can't be late, we have to be on time. And so we walked in silence with thoughts flying back and forth.

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