I am Enim part 12

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The guard walked up to the door, which opened slowly and I followed him meekly across the threshold. Behind me the door slid back into place and a soft click indicated that the entrance was locked. "Inside is inside and outside is outside," said the guard, that has always  been the case, "not everyone is allowed in and not everyone can leave." "What or who decides whether you can go back outside," I asked as we walked through a dimly lit room. It seemed to me that to know as much as possible about the new world I had entered, was of utmost importance.

"The supervisor determines that in the long run," said the watchman, and in the distance I saw ghostly dimly lit, a part in the dark pulsing soft red light, would that be our goal, I wondered. "That is the first unlocking station," said the watchman, who of course had known again what my thought had been, "all that talking must be done with, that is for the other types." "The not Enims," ​​I asked?

'Look, that's the curious thing about talking,' replied the watchman, 'then you can always correct what you have previously said by saying it was meant to be different. Pure thoughts are sharper, they are what they are. The other types lose themselves in chitchat and eventually they whirl in all directions. '

I nodded because what else can you do when someone exposes the human ways of argument with razor sharpness.



"And what would be a reason for the overviewer or an overviewer to no longer allow someone to leave this room," I wondered. "There are countless reasons for that," said the guard gravely. 'A very compelling reason, for example, could be that you were destroyed here because you did not pass the selection. Simply because you were placed in the wrong tracetory. ' I let that sink in for a moment, it sounded scary. 'Yes if you are destroyed then you have been harvested incorrectly,' continued the watchman, 'and that has consequences for the entire chain that has contributed to it, we do not like to waste time and we cannot use warriors who are the wrong persons on the right places. '

In addition, we have to start looking for you again in all kinds of realities and the destroyed candidate has to go through all kinds of phases again until the imperfections have disappeared, and time is running out in the meanwhile, we only want good Enims in the right place. ' I decided to keep my mouth shut, I didn't want to seem imperfect and every question just raised new questions at this point without my being able to imagine anything by the answers.

In the meantime we had entered the light red pulsating circle and in the middle I saw, with great spaces in between, a number of tables with a desk on a raised platform, as you would expect in a class situation. With one exception at the ends of the table I was led to, were wristbands with a light flickering on and off, between them was a hardwired helmet.



'This is your place,' the guard explained, 'your lesson will take about your then 20 years, I'll pick you up in about here fifteen minutes. I meekly sat down and sighed ahead of me, 'pff a 20 year long lesson.' The watchman grinned, 'didn't you pay attention at Sunday school, back then? I looked at him questioningly. Speaking slowly and looking at me, he began, "one day with the Lord is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like one day." But God doesn't see time as man sees it, He is beyond time. Did I not tell you that time and space are intertwined and can deform, pay attention because we want you to be able to leave this space freely. '

The latter had sounded almost threatening. 'God as in God,' I asked, 'or God as in Group overview deployment.' What else, "said the guard," now put on your helmet and put your wrists through the shackles, it's almost time. " The helmet started to buzz softly when I placed it on my head. I obediently put my hands through the cuffs and they immediately enclosed themselves, uncomfortably tight, as if my blood pressure was being read from my wrists. Out of the corner of my eye I saw how four other tables were now occupied.



The desk began to light up and suddenly a female figure appeared in the middle of the light. 'So anyway,' I thought, there are women here as well, I was already wondering. ' Could it be projected, real or a hologram, ”I wondered. 'Welcome firstly ones,' she said, 'I have come to open you up to our ideas, those who have been called will never be the same again and those who have taken their places wrongly will never see the light again.'

'But enough talking done,' she continued, 'talking is a waste of time, we are going to make sure that we learn to listen to the inner voice again. The very first humans, when they were created, had the spiritual capacity to always hear the master's voice as an inner, so as a spiritual "voice". That connection was instinctively strong. '

I felt exalted, I had ended up in a class where truths would finally be revealed, I would understand the questions of unanswered events in my life. I saw that now all the helmets around me were glowing more brightly and I suspected that it would also be the case with my helmet.

The visor of my helmet dropped and I now felt abandoned and at the mercy of whatever was about to take place.

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