I am Enim part 11

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"What do you mean by a savior," I asked, "what needs to be saved." "That's more for the flight deck," my grandfather replied, "we're only mid-range Enims." My great-grandfather looked at me and just repeated how glad he was that a savior had been discovered. ' I had the vague idea that saviours always ended badly, undeniably that had been the case in the reality of the time where I had enjoyed my cup of coffee. Whether it had been Joan d'Arc, or Martin Luther King or Oliver Cromwell, or the last Jewish Mesias, they had all ended up badly.


'The stake had been waiting for Joan, even though she had saved France. In 1432 she was killed by the church after a trial that was supposed to establish her as a heretic. The heresy trial was politically motivated. The tribunal was composed entirely of pro-English and Burgundian clergy and was supervised by English commanders.'

Martin Luther King was found by a bullet after trying to save unity in America with his "I had a dream." Cromwel was beheaded after he ended a civil war and his head ended on a spear above the palace gate and the last Jewish Mesias was crucified, preaching peace.

"How do I become a savior, and can I choose not to be one," I asked, "I feel that saviours die misunderstood at the hands of simpletons." 'Again', my grandfather said, 'I can't say anything about that, that's a different framework than ours, that's more flight deck work. Our paths are going to part here, there are simply differences, and that does not matter, each is Enim is equal to the other, but some are more than equal. '

The Latin concept Primus inter Pares forced itself upon me. "The first among equals," I remembered. "It's not in Latin for nothing," my great-grandfather added to my mind. " I had to get so used to the fact that my thoughts had become public good.

'Cause,' I asked? 'Cesar,' my grandfather laughed, 'Julius Cesar was murdered to be precise because…' 'Was he a savior,' I asked? 'More than 80% Enim,' my other ancestor confirmed, just like Alexander the Great or if we are talking about flight deck Enims, let me just say the primi inter pares in general, then King Tutankhamun (or Tutankhamun) of Egypt must not be forgotten. '


"The Pharaoh," I asked in astonishment, "was he also a flight decker?" "What else," my great-grandfather chuckled, "you don't think it's normal for a 9 year old to be named Pharaoh and save the unity in Egypt by going back to the old religion of Ra the sun God." He paused for a moment and then continued, "He, King Tut, lasted 10 years as Pharaoh when a spear found him and he was also murdered."

"Ra, as the sun god, was he also one of us." I wanted to know. "It's time you got upgraded," then questions become answers in your existence, my grandfather said. "Ra was not one of us," he stated emphatically, Ra is, but not one of us, but we are all a bit Ra, say like Enim.

"Your watchman will come and get you," for your upgrade, "said one of the life brothers. 'We cannot come along, we are not flight deck material,' said my grandfather, 'we only received you and took away your initial fear. I nodded apparently everywhere, in whatever reality, ranks and classes existed.

"Before I go to class," have you met Ra, just out of curiosity. " 'You cannot comprehend Ra as a entity,' my grandfather replied earnestly, 'we all form a piece of Ra. You would go insane, for if Ra appears to a human in its full glory, the human cannot survive such a sight. Ra's glory is too glorious, too overwhelming. '



'Like the universe, my other ancestor added,' as a being you cannot comprehend that something is unlimited, in your thinking something always fits into something, but it is never infinite, it is true here, we are the world without end. ' 'Universe is not just a word, it is the whole of everything, the whole thing, no one can comprehend that.'

They walked up to me and embraced me, 'it was good to see you,' said my grandfather and my great-grandfather, 'looked at me with a friendly look,' be strong, 'he said,' don't fear,  not now or never, maybe in time to come we will meet each other again in another reality. He turned abruptly and they walked out of my life. And I wondered if he had meant in 'a different life,' by saying, 'a different reality.'

A serious-looking man with a robe over his arm had arrived at the reception. He looked at a list and then said, 'I'm looking for a 2020 Galibert.' "Behind you," the brother of life said politely and pointed to me. "So Galibert," said the watchman, looking at me, "forget your name as it belongs to the old you, and take off your rags. We all appeared equally before the Lord." "Lord," I asked feeling very humble, Last, Order,  Regeneration program, Deployment "he said as if such a thing were obvious.



He paused while I undressed and then handed me the morning coat. "Follow me," he said, as he walked past, he gave a friendly nod to the brother of life.

"Of course," I thought, "the pyramids in Egypt had not just arisen by themselves, there had been interference." "Your thoughts whirl," said the guard gently, "we'll upgrade that," and I followed him to a large door.


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