I am Enim part 10

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


A soft buzzing greeted us as we stepped through the doorway. Something like crickets that make themselves known in the summer night. Much softer, but present until they would stop. I looked ahead in amazement, the space seemed to be endless. Somewhere in the distance was a metal wall that rose slightly convex, "that was the outer skin," I thought, "of the floater."

A soft green light flooded everything and there were loungers filled with people, all tall, with helmets on their heads from which all kinds of wires emerged and disappeared into a console next to the bed. Aside the soft hum, there was a dead silence in the room.

'How can this be so enormously big,' I asked in astonishment, 'looking around me. "This doesn't fit what I saw outside."

My great-grandfather looked at me with compassion, "Didn't I say that time and space can fade out and in," he asked, "what didn't you understand. The space is made according to need. Accept what you see, that is the reality of our now. '



The two Enims had stayed behind at the entrance and I followed my grandfather and great grandfather further into the floater. "First you are tested for purity," my great-grandfather said, "it only takes a little while but is important for the rest of your life here." I nodded although I had no idea what was about to happen to me. I had decided, after leaving my cup of coffee on a sidewalk cafe in the fall in the past, that it was more important to go with the flow than row against it.

"This is one of our former us," said my grandfather, pushing me forward towards a table where two figures were sitting. "These are life brothers," he explained. They looked at me inquisitively, "bare your upper arm," said the first and the second came with a metal hose that seemed to have a scraping device attached. "This will only take a while," the second assured me and held the device to my upper arm, at the same time I felt a needle enter my arm.

The device withdrew and a tube of blood disappeared into the interior, leaving a scrape where the scraper left my arm.



My arm ached a little and I thought of what strange developments had taken place in my otherwise quiet existence.

"Wait a little longer and we'll know more," said the first life brother, gazing at a screen. There was a beep and the first brother of life had flushed cheeks, "quickly," he said, "you have to see this to believe it." The second looked at the screen and screamed, '83% Enim, he's only 17% human!? "Welcome Lord," my grandfather spoke solemnly in my direction and my great grandfather muttered, "that I may experience this, a savior has come."

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