I am Enim part 9

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We approached the table at a rapid pace and one of the figures got up and spread his arms out to greet us. "That was a long time ago," he said, looking specifically at me, inquiringly. "Yes you are him," he said finally, "there is no doubt about it." I froze in my steps and remained transfixed, there was more than a likeness, the figure who spoke to me was a person from my youth. It was the spitting image of my grandfather. "Grandpa," I stammered, "are you really my grandfather?" "What is réal and what has been made up" said the second figure, who now also looked at me intently.

“Elsewhere in a different era,” he said, “you are about to leave your house on an autumn day. But here you are with us in the spring, but you are also having a coffee with two watchers and in another reality you are being born in a distant land. Memories are really what puts order in your existence, but sometimes they are made up or they get distorted on the way, that's how it goes. It depends a lot on which part of reality you look at and then it is just hoping that the memories are not too polluted. '



I let that sink in for a moment. The man who looked like my grandfather smiled at me gently. "This must be very confusing to you," he said, "but then again you're not formed yet, you have to take that into consideration." What my father means, "and he pointed at the second figure," is that truth is flexible, it has never been any different. "

I looked at the figure standing next to the man of whom I assumed  he was or had been my grandfather. I had seen that man, before, then I realized where that had been, at the table when the second Enim had taken a cube from his pocket. 'it had looked a bit like a TV screen, but it could distort and then displayed more images, I had seen that man there on a screen. 'You are the man of the cube,' I said and if that is the case ..., 'I tried to process it all but my thoughts raced through my head and one of them was, whether I was having a cup of coffee on a terrace while a man searching through the crowd was walking straight towards me. '

"It depends on the moment," I concluded, "that determins what is true at a given time." 'That is quite a breakthrough in your thinking,' said the first Enim, 'that is commendable, you have an open mind.' 'Then you are,' I continued, 'if your son was my grandfather in another existence, then you are my great-grandfather, or you have been, for how long that reality lasted. '



'Ah names,' said the man standing next to my grandfather, 'names are just names, we give them to things, but that does not mean that they cover the meaning, that is often the case. But if you'd  want to name me in another reality, I would indeed have been your great-grandfather, although we never met there. '

'My father,' I said slowly, 'was born in 1921, that was your son,' I continued to the grandfather figure, 'you must have been around 30 then.' "That's right," said my grandfather figure, I was just 30 when my son was born. " I now looked at the man next to my grandfather figure, you were probably around 30 as well when my grandfather was born. ' It was more of a question than a statement.

'I know it like the day of yesterday,' said the tall man next to my grandfather figure, 'I was 45, I got married rather late in my then life.' I started calculating looking at the men, my grandfather would have been born in 1890 and the great grandfather figure around 1845.

I could not believe the outcome, then the great grandfather figure would be 175 years old. He didn't look a day past forty. "How can this be possible," I exclaimed, "you must be 175 years old." 'You think of years in the reality that lies behind you,' said the second Enim, 'you have to let go of things like that, there is only the now, there is no more, time passes but that differs from what you think and see . '

My grandfather looked at me with a friendly look, 'how old would I be in your world view,' he asked? "You must be 130, but you look like a late twentier," I said, bewildered. "How old were you," my grandfather asked when you witnessed the birth of your first daughter at the time. "Thirty," I said. "Typical Enim," laughed the first Enim, "I could have predicted it." "Cube," said the great-grandfather figure to the second Enim, who dug it up  from his trouser pocket



He deformed it and tapped the screen with his index finger, then held it in front of my face. The screen now worked like a mirror and I saw a young man with strong facial features and a good head of hair, the old 68-year-old grooved head was gone. In amazement I grabbed my head, I looked like I had been around my thirtieth birthday.

'Are there any questions,' asked the great-grandfather, 'time and space, are intertwined, it always takes time to bridge space, time and space can fade or distort, it is not all that difficult, acceptance of your environment. '

"Why am I 30 again?" I asked out loud. 'You are the strongest in your time of propagation,' laughed my Grandpa, 'old critters are of no use to us, if you do choose fellow warriors, let them be full of health. We are here because you have to learn a lot, and we always help Enims-to-be help with the transition by, you for assurance like acquaintances, and that's us, that's why. '

"The three of us will work together a lot," my grandfather added, "because where three are together, the master is in the middle." “Put away the cube,” my great-grandfather commanded, “it is now time for some instruction. I am the father, "said the strong-looking forty plusser," and that is my son, "and he pointed to my grandfather and you are ..?" "Surely not the holy spirit," I whispered?

"Perhaps in a different time frame," laughed my grandfather, "I'll help you," you are our Enim in the making, "he chuckled," the holy spirit is behind you, by the way. " I turned around with a jerk and then I saw it, on the shining sphere adorned in elegant letters 'the Spirit'. There you go, inside is sacred knowledge holy knowledge, all the knowledge you need. ' With those words he walked away from the table and we followed him.

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