I am Enim part 8

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The second Enim looked straight ahead and for a moment I thought that I saw the air  vibrate, just a little above the grass. I had not imagined it, the air was trembling and a trajectory that ran along the tree line began to reflect light. He took a handkerchief from his trouser pocket and wiped his forehead and sighed deeply from the exertion. "I've got to take my breath," he said, "with or without fish," he wanted to know? The first Enim looked at him rebuked, 'here it is without fish, you know that, don't you? If the word takes shape, then the word must be the correct word, it must be exactly like the last time. '

'When the word takes shape,' I thought 'what is this about'? Now the watcher turned to me, "words are thoughts, or wishes, you can shape them." He had read my mind again, I realized, was there nothing really left of me, not even my own thoughts?

"In the beginning was the word and the word belonged to the master," he said emphatically. "It is pause," I thought, "may I say something," I thought, "or does that disturb you?" The first Enim nodded, "speak up," he commanded, "but don't pose nonsensensical questions, please, you have to leave folk that simply speak for the sake of speaking behind, who talk to talk and then words lose their power."

'I know that text from way back,' I said, 'isn't it from a biblical book? "Wasn't it, in the beginning was the word, and the word was God." The first watcher just shrugged. 'Books are frozen words, who still knows what the writer really meant?

"Master, God, Chief watcher, just name it, it is all about the thought, and the Master had a wish when he arrived." The second Enim added to his colleague, 'that wish was fulfilled, that happens when the word is yours or yours to manage, if you have the right to use it, an audience is indicated' He put his handkerchief away and declared I'm ready again, so no fish in this stream! '


The first watcher put his finger over his lips and said, "You know, you don't want to get dusted now that you've almost arrived." I immediately  kept my mouth shut tight and saw how the reflective sky became more and more like water and suddenly the image broke through, a clear stream flowed past and above that stream a construction started to take shape. It became a bridge.

I heard the creak of branches and watched a deer make its way to the stream and bend over to have a drink.

'Nice detail,' said the first watcher, 'that's nice, that's the Panting deer, escaped from the hunt, does not crave more strongly to the pleasure, from the fresh streams of water ... but that is not to be part of it' he said somewhat reminisced, 'Get rid of it, erase that bit, the sum is complete, you shouldn't overdo it, but really, to be honest, it was a nice detail.' The deer shook for a moment, then flopped away as if you were turning off a flashlight in the dark.

"God almighty," "I thought that is the deer described in yet another biblical text, in a psalm." 'And from a distant past I remembered the psalm, it was psalm 42.' You can just talk again, 'said the first Enim,' the sum is finished and the result is before us. And as for that panting deer, yes, you can put anything in a psalm, that does not mean that the writer really had an idea about it. '

My head was spinning, words meant things and sometimes they didn't, my world was being turned upside down. The second Enim added to the words of  his watcher colleague, "Writers often see a glimpse of one reality and then try to capture it, but more often than not they become crippled-sounding verses and readers have to guess what was meant."

We stepped onto the bridge and I saw how clear the water was and looked over my shoulder at where the deer had been whipped away, nothing reminded me of its short presence.

"Who or what are you really," I said out loud. “We are the voices, the crying ones in the desert,” said the first watcher, “and we are called forth, as it were, to restore annoying sums that go out of balance. You need a lot of little helpers for that, because there are also many opposing forces. ' have I been called then, 'I asked? "You have been recognized and you are going to perfect your calling, but first you need  to become prepared, because we want outcomes to always be positive on our side." We call out, "said the second watcher," only those who are more Enim than waste matter, if you are less than 60% Enim then we will not bother with you, then you will eventually become dust and disappear from the picture. "

My head overflowed, since my last cup of coffee I had in,  let's say the autumn season, I continuously heard matters that seriously shook up my world view up. And of course they had already read that thought in me. "Take it easy," said the first watcher, "that's how we all started, you'll be upgraded soon."


On the other side of the bridge we stepped onto a large meadow. "There they are," said the first watcher, pointing in the distance. A large glittering sphere lay a few hundred yards from us, and next to it was a table with two figures sitting at it. "The God's table," said the first Enim happily, we have found them again. "God's table," I exclaimed! "Group on duty," the first Enim explained, "and look, your masters are already waiting for you."

"What's that sphere," I asked no one in particular. "A floating mover," said the second watcher, but please walk on because we've lost some time with the stream and all.

San Daniel 2020

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