I am Enim part 7

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I was still totally baffled by the change of seasons, I had stepped into spring from autumn and we approached the building that stood in the middle of the lawn. Young men and women walked through the main entrance, reminding me of my old high school. With the difference that they did not push or squeeze past each other, they made their way about very orderly. They were all tall, without exception, "they will be Enims or Enims in the making," I thought.

There was something that was different about them from other young people I had known and then I saw what made the difference, they all had a keen look in their eye and looked determined. "They have a purpose in their lives," it flashed through me. "That's because of the filter," said the first Enim, as if reading my thoughts, "they were harvested earlier than you," he added to clarify  himself. 'we can mold them from the beginning'

"Even my thoughts aren't mine anymore," I thought, and smiled when I realized that had been a thought too. 'Is that my school,' I asked, 'and what kind of lessons do I get'? 'No,' answered the Enim, 'these are young people with a different consciousness, you have outgrown that,' he looked at me sideways for a moment and continued, 'you are, as it were, a side entrant, you will be guided along. Please be patient because we are almost at your mentor's. They have just landed. '

I thought, "That must have been the fiery streak." "That's right," said the second Enim, with a nod of approval. 'He too reads my mind,' I realized and then I asked, 'why don't you think your answers back to me, that saves a lot of talking.'

'You will become a smart Enim with a little work and effort,' replied the first Enim, 'that's a very good question, but we can't do that yet, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between your own inner voice that form your thoughts and our input. you would constantly doubt whether you got an answer or whether your own inner voice is formulating an answer. '



"Those sort of things," said the second Enim, "it is not difficult, if you know how to." Meanwhile we ended up at the side of the building and the first Enim stopped dead in his tracks. "The brook isn't there," he said almost accusingly to his colleague. "Don't tell me you haven't included it in your sum." I understood that something had gone wrong. "People always land on the other side of the water," said the first, "how can we cross the bridge if it isn't there."

"But if whatever has landed, is there" I said, "we can still go there, right." The first Enim looked at me compassionately. “It's not the same,” he sighed as if explaining something simple to a stupid child, “we have to talk about the same reality or we will only achieve a reflection of what we want. It is not what you want to see, it has to be what you want it to be, who knows if the mentors are the same when they come out, if the circumstances are not the same? 'Nobody knows, right'?

'We have to cross the water, because we always have to cross the water, we have to cross the bridge, because they have landed in a different reality, in a different consciousness, the sum must be right, otherwise the outcome is wrong!'

"Would it be foolish to ask if the other reality means another dimension," I wondered. 'Dimension, reality, they are just names,' said the Enim who of course had read my thought, but now you have to be very quiet because some things have to be restored, otherwise you will dust away and in the meantime time passes and if too much time slips away, we cannot maintain this, because the sum is not complete and we cannot go back because we have just  become an empty collection on the autumn side. 'I immediately decided to keep my mouth shut.


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