I am Enim part 6

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


There I sat with two Enims who had been looking for me, on a bench in a field. I was at peace with it, I felt extremely relaxed, and for the rest my mind was virtually empty of thoughts. That made me smile unruly, there were no more thoughts whirling around associatively. Rest I had entered a state of deep waking peace. I had become a spectator in a film that I had not chosen.

The first Enim looked straight ahead and a fiery streak appeared in the sky as if a meteorite was about to make a hit, but at a slower speed. 'Right place but wrong time,' said the second Enim, 'add or subtract? 'It must be good, the first time,' said the first Enim, 'otherwise the proportions will go wrong and you will have to calculate all day  long until you have restored the matter. What doesn't fit in the sum just doesn't belong there yet. ' "So cross it out," his fellow Enim replied. The line dissolved as if it hadn't been there.

A few meters away from us, the air started to vibrate like you sometimes see the air mirror above the asphalt on a warm day.

"That's the way it should be," commanded the first Enim, "hold and fix," and the air hung trembling and began to wring as if it were looking for a shape. I watched the scene unfold with wide open eyes but said nothing because I realized I would disturb whatever the fellow Enims were doing and I had been promised that I would then be turned to dust.

It started to snow lightly around the wringing shape and a beginning layer of snow started to cover the grass. "No," said the first Enim firmly, "it was spring, away with it." His colleague nodded and the snow disappeared.

They are shaping a reality, was the first sensible thought that came to mind. They are  calculating that reality, I realized, they shaped what they recognized as truth by eliminating or adding things. Truly weird, I thought, this was really extraordinary, I was sitting on a bench and a world was created in front of me as my apparently fellow  tribesmen wished it to be.



'It has got to be in balance,' I heard the first say, 'balance the equation, spring on both sides, otherwise you will disturb the sum. The twisting and trembling air now took shape and became a stone gate with moss between the joints. A cold autumn breeze made me shiver for a moment and I turned around and saw that behind me the sky was now dark and I expected a cold rain shower. But the ground in front of the gate was lit up as if by a watery sun, and through the gate I could see flowers and butterflies flying above the open chalices.

This is bizarre, no one will ever believe this, when I talk about this, they'll lock me up, I thought and I looked with wonder at the landscape on the other side of the gate.

"We are almost there," said the first Enim and put his finger over his lips, looking at me, to make it clear to me not to speak. I saw a fiery line approaching but now on the other side of the gate, a line disappearing behind a building in the distance.

'We have landed,' said the second Enim and it sounded satisfied, 'and now the outcome is correct, it is time to go,' and he pulled me up and we walked to the stone gate and we stepped over the threshold with a firm step. I turned around for a moment and saw that the three figures on the bench were still there and were drenched with rain.

"Erase them," said the first Enim, "they have served their use and have now become the empty collection." His companion looked intently at the bench and three figures faded out. That was not the only thing that faded away, the gate started to vibrate and dissolve and we stood on a lawn with flowers, butterflies and buzzing bees in a spring sun.

"We're here," said the first Enim, "you can talk again, but keep walking because you don't want to be late for class."

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