I am Enim part 5

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie



'Calm down,' said the man with the syringes, which didn't exactly bring the calmnes about which he had tried to evoke. 'You are or rather, you will become one of us,' that is not really a choice, more a part of reality as we see it. ' "Wait a minute," I said, realizing it was getting more than serious. But the first laughed scornfully and took my arm in a grip that  would have made a vise seem like a toy.

The second studied a syringe and held it up to the light for a moment, tapped it briefly with his index finger, then buried it in my arm, releasing the charge in my veins.

"We are friends, don't fear," he clarified. "We are just looking for our fellow tribesmen, together you are stronger, if you know what I mean."

An intoxication washed through my head and I loved the world around me and it was revolving around me at an insane pace. Colors faded and merged and then merged again to merge into the images that I perceived once again around me.

"That was not too bad, was it" said the first, "now we can always reach you and you can always reach us, we have, among other things, introduced an identification bit, say a chip in you."

"You're not used to being Enim yet," he said gently. 'We have to do something about that. I hope no one is waiting for you at home, because you won't be there any time soon. '

My head cleared up but after that I felt fitter than ever before. "I'm listening," I said meekly.



"You need to be updated," said the second, studying me. "We can only act and speak in the same frame of mind when we are filled up in the same way."

He put some money on the table and said "that'll cover the coffee." 'You must trust us,' he continued, 'we are like brothers in arms of yours and if not now, then surely later.'

"I'm going mad," I said firmly. "No, not really," laughed the first, "madmen don't realize they are mad." He took my arm and his colleague got up too when I was lifted from my seat.

"We're going for a walk, Enim," said the man who pulled me up. "What do you notice about us?" I looked from one to the other and then I saw it, "You are both the same length," I replied, "actually very tall." 'That is well observed,' said the second, 'that is a characteristic,' you are also tall and so are the men after the time of Moses. Let's just say after the interference.'
"Will everything go back to normal again, ' I asked?" 'No,' said the first, 'your life will never be the same again. You will live in the shadow of your own greatness, from now on.'

We had arrived at a field. 'This is good, this will do' said the second one, 'we are going to calculate surroundings until we arrive where we want to be and you are the result of our actions, sit down and do not move and do not speak, otherwise you will have become dust before your time.

San Daniel 2020

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