I am Enim part 4

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'Can I ask you something,' I asked? "We are listening," said the first Enim. "Why were you looking for me and how did you find me," I wanted to know? "Blood is thicker than water, a child knows that," the second answered me. 'You belong with us and it's time you come home or you'll end up like your father, burned out without ever knowing what was expected of you. That's why we had to pick you up, and how, that's easy, you have to look through a filter and then you see who belongs to you and who doesn't. '

"More questions," said the second one, spinning the cube and touching an intersection that changed the shape of the cube, now the tool had multiple sides. "Look now we can go further back," said the Enim. "This is your great great great-grandfather and look he is holding his wife's hand and what do you think of that woman," he asked the first Enim. He narrowed his eyes a little and said, 'typical Enima,' you can see that.

"Are they really my ancestors?" I asked in astonishment. "Who else would we show you," laughed the first Enim. 'We'll show you the line, visual education is better than whole stories.' I nodded, I had a picture of that. "It's perceiving if you know what I mean," added the second. "I think I know," I said, "it's watching, right?"

"That comes close," said the first, "it is also inspecting, or observing or estimating or examining, any of those things."



He nodded seriously, 'that's our job, we're supervising the whole lot.' "Go back to before Moses, for arguments sake," ordered he first Enim, and the second one touched the multifaceted form and closed his hand around it. When he opened it, the shape had changed again, it had become a sphere. "Just need to borrow from you," said the second one, touching me for a moment, "the perceiver must know who we are looking for," he clarified. A warren of colors swirled around in the sphere and I unconsciously thought of divination and then I realized that gypsies imitated the soothsaying with their crystal ball, they had obviously seen something and they were imitating it, I was convinced of it.

The colors now turned gray and white and black and a scene emerged, a sandy environment with a clear blue sky, in the distance a herd of goats could be seen, I leaned forward and looked fascinated at what the magic ball revealed. A small, bent figure came forward and limped out of sight again. '



"Was that Moses," I asked? "No, God forbid" grinned the first Enim, "that's one of your earliest ancestors from before the interference." The second one now peeked into the ball as well, "there is not an ounce of Enim in him," he said, "he is plain, small, imperfect, and still of the original race."

"Your names are not Enim," are they, "I said when I realized what I was watching? You are Enim, that is not your name! 'All three of us are Enim said solemnly, some more and others less, the dividing line is 60%, so to speak. "And what do you want from me," I asked with satisfaction that I regained some control over the situation.

"We will explain that to you in great detail," said the first First Enim, and the second took the sphere and put it back in his coat pocket. His hand did not return empty, he held a small leather case in his hand and put it on the table. "The honor is yours," he said and nodded his head to his colleague Enim, after all you have found him.

He opened the case and to my horror I saw a series of hypodermic needles.

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