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I am Enim part 3

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


"It's about the positive input," said the second Enim. I silently stared at my cup of coffee and listened. "It's good if you recognize fellow combatants," the former spoke earnestly now. "Did you notice that you were wanted?" He did not wait for an answer but continued, 'sometimes you meet people and you feel an immediate click with them, that is no coincidence and sometimes you have a feeling of dislike at the first meeting. That is not just like that, it goes back to prehistoric times, to the tribal protection. '

The second agreed immediately. 'Have you never wondered what the point of it all is. Surely you have! And have you not felt through the years that you were special but that you could not put your finger on it? That it was not clear to you what to do with your talents, and did you not sell yourself to lesser goals for lack of better?

You know what, you are special, what do you think about that, but not as you think, much more in fact than that. ' I had to let it work in on me and somewhere in my being a chord had been touched, I had often always felt that I was special, but special without a mission.

"What do you mean I didn't know that I was wanted," I began. "You don't want to say we found you independently," the first said emphatically. I realized I had seen them both look around before coming to my table. Undeniably true, they had picked me out and it could only be because they knew what they were looking for.

"I'm listening," I said humbly, "apparently there is a lot I don't know and should know."

"Give me the cube," the first commanded Enim, and the second looked in his coat pocket for a moment. "How many sides does a cube have," he asked me? "Six," I replied. 'Well,' said the first, 'it remains to be seen, are the sides spots that you perceive or can the 8 vertices also be sides if you prefer that, or can the 12 ribs be faces if you consider that differently, or can the 4 ribs per side surface,  just be  surfaces if we want to see it that way? '

"It's just what you want to see," added the second Enim, we always look at reality through filters and it's interesting how or what determines those filters. "

I tried to follow what was said, but got caught up in the bombardment of things that came my way.


"Show us the father," said the first Enim, and the second turned up one side of the cube and there my father appeared as if on TV in a rejuvenated version. 'Enim too,' sighed the second Enim, 'at least 60%, but we were not able to reach him in time and he ended badly, sometimes that is how it goes.' The first Enim turned the cube a bit, "your grandfather," he said, "he became one of us, he is still alive, you know, not exactly here, but that is a side issue."

On the next turn, a completely unknown figure appeared on the screen. "That's your great-grandfather," said the second Enim, "typically Enim, a great warrior and still very active," My mind was running, as if in a fever. "I'm going mad," I said aloud. 'Good response,' the first one praised me, 'that is to be expected, but rest assured, you are just one of us, you only are still missing some information and so on.

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San Daniel 2020

21/09/2020 23:54

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