I am Enim part1

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


It was early morning when I closed the door behind me and turned my steps toward the center of the city. It had been chilly that morning and I realized that autumn was about to begin. I enjoyed the sharpness of the air that tickled one's nostrils and smiled. It would not be long before you would go out warmly dressed and I thought of the migratory birds I had seen high in the sky yesterday, they had flown in great circles, ever expanding, calling out to on another and I knew they were grouping to leave our regions soon.

It was the time of the year of transition, just like birds searching their way to other regions, your thoughts whirled around. I had always had that, the search for the new me, in a new time. "Opera," I thought, or "museums" that time of year. But a tree that lost its leaves instantly changed my flow of thoughts and a stanza of an Andalusian poet forced itself on me. "San," had been his name, I thought to remember.

'... And like leaves, rotting in the gutter.

Breaking ties, whirling away, hardened and dried out,

finding their way, Life blows, always blows

 lives away.

autumn has come, autumn in my heart.

That's what it was called, I knew with certainty, "autumn in my heart!"

It is a comparison I thought, but what was compared to what? Something or someone or a group who, although they have sought their own way, are being destroyed. But what in the stanza destroys that entity?

Life does that, I realized and I smiled in front of me, I had always loved text comprehension. That was the most logical thing, life evolves, you break old ties and you find your way, but your innocence gradually disappears and what you are part of, life, drains you and leaves you empty.

The individual or group was compared with leaves, which are young and green at first, but end up dry and decaying.



Autumn is also the one before the last phase of the year before winter has its purifying effect and the new year announces itself. Was that what the poet had meant, had it been a reflection on his own life or an observation of what he had observed during his life's journey? Autumn does that to you. The leaves whirl through the world before they find their final resting place and just like your thoughts, they blow through the maze of endless directions.

We will never find that one out, Galiber thought, we can no longer ask the poet. In recent years, the soul of Andalusia, as he had been jokingly called in articles, had become secluded, and had withdrawn into a cave. A neighbor was the last to have seen him, he had waved when he had seen him come out of his cave and had shouted, 'hola San donde vas' (hey San where are you going) and San had turned around and had eyed him up sharply .

'Autumn has caught up with me, ” he had finally proclaimed in a loud voice,“ I'm being called… ”and he'd walked up the mountain and disappeared from sight and was never seen again.

Bizar, I thought and I was startled by a loud honking, I jumped to the side, a truck almost hit me. 'Pay more attention, Galiber', I admonished myself. I had almost been a rotting leaf.

When I arrived at my favorite terrace I could choose from all the free tables outside. It was still early and most customers would rather sit inside than outside. The time of doubt and choice came, should I have black coffee or a cup of hot tea. There I sat, musing on one of two choices, as the growing crowds of people on their way to work passed me by. I felt it before I saw it, I was being looked for. In the crowd was a man, a tall man who looked around and then fixed his eyes on me as he made his way through the crowd. I knew he was coming for me and it seemed as if time stood still and that we were connected by his gaze.

He stopped in front of my table, "that was a long journey," he said. "I'd go for the coffee if I were you." I only listened and watched. He pushed his chair away and beckoned to the waiter, "two black coffees," he commanded, then smiled grimly and added, "black as your soul."

I regained my balance, 'and who would you be', I asked? "I am Enim," said the man, "a name you will not lightly forget."


San Daniel 2020

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