Reflections on the Corona virus

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The virus is here. Conspiracy groups are wrong about denying that. It is certainly present and is making her victims. There is a nice saying in English: 'it is difficult to lie in commission' meaning: it is difficult to collectively agree on a lie and persist in it. So believe me, there is no pharmaceutical agreement to develop drugs based on a fake virus.

We can determine that the virus really exists and is circulating, that is an unpleasant reality. It's not interesting where it came from or how it was 'launched', it's there and that's enough. It doesn't matter to me who launched it or for what reason, it's there and it's a problem.

Spain, where I live, has been particularly affected by the virus and I can still see that the numbers are being flattered. I am an 'old' economist and I love numbers and statistics and there is no correlation between the Spanish numbers and 'worldometer' numbers. The Spanish government has its own method to capture the virus and presents positive figures. Why is the government doing that? Let's keep it as positive as possible, I presume for economic reasons and to avoid panic!



Now the government cannot go back and cannot reverse or update the previously manipulated figures, so that difference remains, it is easy to guess in which source I put more confidence, the 'worldometer' database which is also used by Harvard University. These are not exactly the suckers of our society, they have a reputation to uphold.

But let's take a closer look at the virus. Everyone in the Western world has been deceived in principle, the lies or the ignorance could be called phenominal. In the meantime we know what any common sense person could have come up with: the virus does not distinguish between young and old, it can survive much longer than ever claimed (more than 5 years on dead material) and there is nothing we can do about it except keep distance. We do not exactly need thousands of experts and countless patronizing politicians who are absolutely untrained in this matter and who only repeat opinions but those that fit in a positive political framework that serves them.

Spain chose to open up the economy again, not surprising at all if your economy, due to our blessed climate combined with 1800 kilometers of coastline, runs on tourism, beaches and catering and supply companies.

So it is not surprising that if politics opts for prosperity and not for the well-being of its citizens, a bill must be paid and who is going to pay that bill, that would be us the people, who are not tourists and get infected by those who come from afar where measures are not in accordance with the regulations.

Young people who go from bar to bar and end the night in discotheques, with their noses full of drugs or pills in their gut and beer in their hands. What is forgotten is that every partygoer is not an island apart, but has neighbors, colleagues and family, so the loner has circles of people around him who infect others just as much after contact with them unaware that they themselves are infected.


That is what is happening in Spain now. The government will leave it for a while and then after the summer the bars and other catering establishments will close and politicians will blame society for the enormous increase in the number of people infected. That is politically clever just put the guilt feeling on the dog that has been beaten with a stick.

Well, some might think, but the vacinne is coming! That fixes everything, right? Forget it! I know from economics that if there is a profit to be made, it will happen in a society that is willing to make sacrifices for a greater good.

And what about the poor countries, what is going to happen there, a terrible 'cleaning up'! People will die there by the thousands.

That greater good I was talking about is our health. So if there is a vaccine, pay attention to the word if, that is not the answer to a question that we have not posed. After all, why else should target groups be vaccinated against the 'normal' flu every year. Do you really believe that if after so many years there is no vaccine against the normal flu there will now be a vaccine against the virus Covid 19? In earnest are we to believe so?

No, you can't believe that and I don't believe that either. It will be a gigantic pharmaceutical cash cow, and any government that subsidizes the vaccine can count on votes from people who are scared or have been manipulated into being scared. In Spain, the government says the vaccine, if it ever comes up, is $ 10 per shot. That is worth it for me to try to protect my family members from the virus. 48 million people live here. Such amounts of money suddenly become veeeeery interesting.



Is that a one-off vaccine, no of course not, I would never do that as a developer, in a materialistic society, you can have nothing better than the fear of something, with a cure at a price tag. It's a matter of prioritizing.

And that's just about how it will go, otherwise there would not have been a normal flu anymore. Keep your distance, masks are necessary, to avoid fines, but serve no purpose other than to protect others from you, the politicians are ignorant unprepared jerks who happen to be in a position to make policy and make decisions on behalf of the people that voted them into office, and those decisions will  always be in political or party self interest.

Try to avoid concentrations of people, that's all there is to it, the rest is nonsense. You all stay well! God bless!

San Daniel 2020

10/08/2020 23:40

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