Covid 19 through the looking glass

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I was concerned that the French / Spanish border would close and I hadn't seen my daughters and grandchildren in a long time. I had bought a ticket in March to fly to one of my daughters in Belgium and from there continue on to the 'girls' in the Netherlands.

And the flight was canceled thanks to our Chinese 'friends' who were accidentally or deliberately responsible for spreading the Covid 19 virus.

When the number of contamination cases increased on a daily basis, the government considered closing the border except for freight traffic. I decided to put diesel canisters in the trunk of my old Mercedes and leave for Belgium a day later.

To reduce my own infection chances I brought extra masks. The kind that can be washed and reused. I prepared a coolbox with provisions and brought some toys for the grandchildren as I assumed that they would not be able to come to our sunny Andalusia for some time and I left for the North.



I wouldn't stop because I simply don't believe that every hotel room is completely disinfected when a guest travels on. I would not refuel at gas stations but use my own fuel so that I would not be dependent on the busy petrol pumps along the Peage route where people from all kinds of places gather.

I peed in parking lots along the highway. Frequently used gel to clean my hands and ate and drank from what I had brought myself.

22 hours later I arrived in Merble Fontaine-Valmont. I was tired but that tiredness disappeared when I saw my daughter. Merble Fontaine-Valmont is a place in the French part of Belgium and I immediately noticed that no one was wearing a mask.

Nor would that be the case in the North and when I arrived in the Netherlands after traveling from Belgium it seemed as if there was no virus. Nobody but nobody wore a mask.



                                              (waagplein Alkmaar)

The waagplein in Alkmaar was so full of tables that it was difficult to make your way past it, and the same was true for the plat stenen brug. I estimated that there were about a thousand people at touching distance. I went to the supermarket and noticed that I was the only one with a mask on, I was the freak!


                                                  (plat stenen brug, Alkmaar)

Fortunately, my children were aware of the risk of infection and after a few loving days I reluctantly climbed into the German tank and started my way back.

Now it took longer and after 26 hours I arrived broken in my beloved Andalusia. Everyone but everyone wore a mask. The time had not stood still, and in those few days that I had been carting around Europe, thousands of cases had come about In Catalunya, places went into lockdown and deaths increased again.

In the meantime, more and more 'real' information about the virus is gradually being released. There is now clarity about air transmission. It will take place, no doubt about it. There was a 'nice' study moment with the cruise ships that were not allowed to enter a port full of passengers. In no time the few cases of the infected had increased to hundreds.

We don't need the world health organization to understand how it happened. Simply through the airconditioning channel.

It is not surprising to consider that a vaccine is not around the corner. That's wishful thinking. It is, however, worrying if this is confirmed by an organization which is the source of information about this virus.



So I heard on the news what every normal thinking person could already envision. Tedros Adhanom (Director General of the W HO) announced that it may take a long time for a vaccine to become available, if at all. I immediately noticed that last sentence. Indeed, I thought, perhaps this problem cannot be solved and then we will have to live with it.

That's quite something if you think about it. Governments and airlines tell us that there are controls and that all kinds of measures are taken to ensure safety, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Have a look at the cruise ships, the virus spread through the ventilation system at lightning speed and would flying then be safe? That does not seem very credible to me.

I expected a delay at the French-Spanish border or a temperature measurement. The border was open and I steamed past the border posts at a slightly lower speed. There was no customs officer to be seen. The same was true at the Belgian border and later at the Dutch border. No control anywhere. We are of course Shengen countries but I had expected measures. It was no different on the way back. No control and no officials to be seen. Europe is as leaky as a basket.

Well, long streches of driving lead to reflection and considerations and I thought, 'suppose it had not been an accidental spread of the virus, by our Chinese' friends'. Then we are researching vaccines around the world and we know from Tedros Adhanom that developing them is not all that easy and may be impossible.

Suppose then something happens again 'by chance' and again and again .. Then Western society is screwed.
Apart from all the mis communication of the government and talk about phase 0 until, God only knows, which phase .. you cannot arm against deliberate malicious actions of this magnitude, and that just triggered quite a few negative thoughts.

Stay safe.. God Bless ..


San Daniel 2020

03/08/2020 21:01

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