How brave at this time to open a new cafe restaurant, and what a great place, 'Gemelas 2'

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I was invited to the main street of Olula del Rio yesterday by a friend who had opened a new tavern. "Well," I thought, "I'll drop by, I know Jesus the owner, and if I don't go, it will be noticed."

When entering his new enterprise, I immediately saw that he had followed all safety regulations and more than that. There is a lot of space between tables and the patio is large enough not to come into direct contact with others.




I had known Jesus and his wife for quite some time and he had told me that he was working on 'something', but this exceeded all expectations. In the 'lockdown' time he acquired the tavern and used his time to modernize everything and to give it cheerful Southern colors. The interior space has also been set up in such a way that there is more than enough distance between tables and chairs.


There is an outside and inside bar and both are very tasteful and I saw that they served Ambar beer. That didn't surprise me because Jesus himself imports his coffee from Columbia and that's how I got to know him. I am a coffee fanatic and you notice that his coffee is different from the 'normal' coffee. When I feel like a cup of real good coffee, I always look him up. I also know that as a beer Ambar surpasses many other types of beer. In fact, everything Jesus does is successful, and I think it is because he does not cut corners on quality.


"You're going to have your picture taken, my friend," I said, "lower your mask so we can recognize you." And there he stood, Jesus with his wife, the proud owner who opened a new business while others no longer open or would venture such an investment. I was pleased for him, he looked genuinely happy and I thought I'd walk around and have a look in the kitchen.


It was spacious and spic and span clean. The extractor hood sparkled at you. Everything looked polished or renewed and I thought 'Jesus, you have spent some money here', and that appeared to be the case when he came to join us a few moments later to explain a few things.


Opposite the kitchen is a huge barbeque, where 'carne ala brasa' is prepared. Meat on the grill but in a South American way, good in quality and size and above all tasty.


"Man Jesus," I said, "this must have cost you a pretty penny. He smiled shyly and nodded. " I have invested everything I own, "he said," this is what I have saved and worked for all my life, "and I looked around and it was easy to believe. "As always," you've done well, "I laughed," your coffee is still imported from Columbia? " "Absolutely," said my friend, "if you start messing around with quality, you don't have to open up, especially in these times. It is at this time that you should distinguish yourself and not be afraid to do invest. " I understood that and I knew he was right, but I thought it was brave that he had taken this leap just now.


"Another nice thing," said my Andalusian friend. I have reserved a corner that is safe for children, where they can swing, a play corner, so that the parents can eat at their leisure and take the children along without worrying about them. "A McDonald's ball pit idea," I said, how clever. "I also have special menus for kids," he continued, from scaled-down portions to home-made burgers. Children just like that with the difference that our meat is good meat. ' "Quality," I said. "That's the magic word here," Jesus replied.


"I'm going to make the patio authentic with some details and features," said Jesus, "but we were allowed to open and I didn't want to wait any longer." "Sure," I nodded, "you can't live from the wind." "I lived years on end of the wind," said Jesus earnestly, and now I will do everything within my power to give people a pleasant evening or day even in this uncertain time. " I'm sure you can, "said," but I think you're brave and am proud to call you my friend. " He smiled modestly, "thanks for coming," he smiled.


"Good luck Jesus," I said, "I'll drop by with some friends for coffee and we'll do quality control." "I am open every day except Tuesday from 8 a.m. to closing time," he simply said ... drop by Amigo Mio soon! I decided to do so.

San Daniel 2020


20/06/2020 08:28

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