The enormous pile of bullshit about coronavirus and phase 1, 2 ... 535

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There is a real problem, there is a virus. A deadly virus only 50% survive the intensive care when they are taken up with that virus. Do the math yourself! There are many lies about the virus, not so much because of expert badness but because of ignorance. It will simply take more time to know the ins and outs of the virus.

Figures regarding contamination or fatal outcome are cited and a different calculation method is used each time. So not 300 hundred people have died today, but 120 people were cured. Yes the others are dead or almost dead of course. In linguistics we call this veiling. So we are not an ammunition factory (Naarden), but 'we only make small metal balls.'

Not really untruthful, both are true, but in a different context.



1) The virus is more likely to affect the elderly, especially those with previous medical pathology, who has lived has had issues.

2) The virus could not live outside a human carrier for very long.

3) The virus is said to be less contagious to younger people.

4) The virus would disappear or decrease with increasing temperature.

5) Yeah .. the solution is being worked on hard and is just around the corner.

6) herd immunity is the solution

Many more claims have been made by politicians or scientists, or repeated by politicians because scientists present them.

And unfortunately .. Really unfortunately it is all bullshit.

Points 1-6 have all been negated.

People who were perfectly healthy got the virus as well as very young children. It has now been detected in the air conditioning system of the University of Murcia after three months of the builidng having been closed. In Brazil, the equator runs across the country, it is mid summer, they 'enjoy' the highest number of newly infected, almost 1 million. So heat doesn't kill the virus!

Zurich University of Technology knows from tests that the virus only 'dies' above 60 degrees Celsius. They also know that cold or snow has no effect on the virus.

Ask Sweden how they like the herd immunity theory. Disastrous! Does not work, Sweden has a big problem. You can get the virus multiple times, so antibodies or not, you're just unlucky if you come across it.

Can you blame politicians. No! They hide behind experts. What would it have been like if your political leader had said, "Boy we have a real problem and there is no solution." People don't want to hear that. Neither does one want to hear; "You're going to lockdown from now until September or some date like it."

So we use the mechanics of the linguistic phenomenon, "veiling." "We will enter the lockdown for 14 days, after which we will determine whether we can ease things up." The lockdown that is extended and extended to st Juttemis.

Spain is now free from phases. No more phase 0 or 1 or 2 or 3 or 4. The number of infections has doubled in the last 24 hours. Yep, what did you expect? Even if we were in phase 535 or so, the problem has not been solved, the virus is roaming around and residing where possible.

Spain admitted 6000 German tourists yesterday as a testcase in Mallorca. Let's see, yesterday the number of German infections increased by 700. Great choice?

The choice is obviously not for welbeing, it is a choice for the economy.




I'd say with a severity of what we used to call phase 0.

I live between 2 countries and two cultures. Already 22 years in southern Spain which has made me reasonably Spanish and my family members from my parental home still live in Canada, they still live there and have become Canadians. Only I returned to Europe. My parents immigrated to beautiful but cold Canada and I left when I had the opportunity to find my roots in the old country, Europe.

In the Canadian village where I live a few months a year, the virus was made into somewhat of a laughing matter and I was seen as too concerned.

"Ah," said my sister, "distances are big here." Anyway, yesterday the mayor of Maple Creek spoke to us over the internet. There were 2 cases of the virus in a sect next to the village. The next day there were 14 and now 23. Yep, need I say more. These are sect members who sell their vegetable products on the local market, who peddle eggs from door to door. Houston, we have a problem. Of course the mayor did not say that, because politicians want to avoid panic.

"Gosh." I emailed to my sister, 'those 23 are not islands in this life, they have also had contact with others .. and that is the crux. We have a problem until there is a vaccine. The fantasy term new normality makes me sick, what a marketing gimmick .. How normal is life  nowadays in comparison with a few months ago, it should read .. new reality .. from now to never you can never safely approach someone up to 2 meters .. outside you always have to put a mask on and the virus will simply roam about until there is a cure. God keep you and Bless you all.


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