The solution for the Coronus virus

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Southern Spain is under the spell of the virus, the Corona virus and we are not alone, because meanwhile half the world is disrupted and the virus fills every news item. I looked out over the long driveway that led to our house along the fields and horse stables. There was a soft May rain drizzling away, everything looked green and clean and I looked to see if my friend the judge was approaching. Every day he stopped by and then we had a cup of coffee and a copa. He kept to the rules, mask, gloves and we always kept our distance.

I saw his Saab coming around the corner and a moment later he stopped in our parking lot. I pressed the button of the expresso machine and saw Joachine get out, he leaned forward and resurfaced with a spray bottle with which he sprayed his gloves.

"Hola campeon," I greeted my friend. "Buenos San," said my judicial friend, stepping onto the steps toward our front door.

Fernando Simon addressed us from the TV with his calamitous messages about the virus. It's Spanish, wherever you go the TV is always on softly, whether on sportschannel or current affairs.

It was our daily routine, Joachine came by and we exchanged what we thought or what we heard, in any case we'd try to set the world right.



"They're lying," I said when Fernando announced that the virus had made "only" 506 new victims. I tapped on the link of the Worldometer database and the screen immediately showed the number of new victims: 1721 and that was early in the morning

 "Weird," said the judge when I showed him the screen, "they want to reassure us, but it is false security." I nodded, "that's right," I said, "they want to save the economy and ignore the fact that these lies create a sense of euphoria that can easily trigger a second wave.

"The tourist industry is breaking down," said the judge, "and everything related to it." "Yes," I agreed, "and everything is presented more positively than it is. Summer will not make the virus disappear, on the other side of the world it has been summer for a while now and the virus is spreading around in full force. It not only affects the elderly, but many children are now infected and it is not the case that it has a limited contamination duration of a few hours on dead surfaces, in Japan it has been detected on an abandoned cruise ship after 17 days. '

"Now everything is being phased back to ways of new normality," said the judge, "but nothing has changed, the virus is out there, just the same as before." I picked up the anis bottle and poured some into a glass which I already had prepared. "It's a hoax," I said, "and now they're going to let some doctor Simon tell us to keep our distance, so if the virus flares up again, we, the citizens, have not complied and are in the wrong."



I took a glass of wine and we raised the glass for a moment. "Salud," I said, and my friend nodded, "most important of all," he said, 'there is nothing like good health.'

"I read a lot," I continued, "really a lot these days, and I see the government withdrawing from the guidelines of the European scientific community. They always seem to rely on self appointed so-called 'expertos' who assist the government, but they remain out of sight and what is really being said cannot be checked. Something like having St Nicolas declare that he is St Nicolas. " "St Nicolas," asked Joachine, raising his eyebrows. "A sham saint from my country of origin," I explained.

"What do you think San," asked my anis-loving coffee friend. "I think the problem is very soluble," I reported. "Really," he asked? "Yes, of course," I said, taking the bottle of anis again to pour some more out.

"Look," I said, "if a person is wearing a mask it will not protect that person, it will prevent the masked person from spreading the virus by speaking, coughing, or sneezing, if that person is already infected or a carrier. You can also achieve that inviolability if there is a vaccination against the virus'

"I know that," said the judge. "So Joachine," I lectured,' if everyone really puts on a mask when they go outside, but really everyone does so, then the virus has no breeding ground. " "Yes," said my friend thoughtfully, and I saw a look of relief glide across his face.

"Then there is no need for a vaccine," he said. "That is what I am saying, I said," it is a rationale that cannot be denied. If you do go outside without a mask, the punishments must be unrealistically harsh. "Crime and punishment," agreed my judicial friend, they have always gone hand in hand through the ages. " He took a sip of his anis. "Why doesn't that happen," he wondered aloud. For some reason it doesn't serve some political interest, ”I suggested. They are sons of whores, "said the judge," with all due respect to their mothers.

'I quite agree,' I said.


San Daniel 2020

15/05/2020 18:39

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