The corona virus is deadly, still, stay alert!

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Nieuws en politiek


                            Spain 245,567 cases as of 2-05-2020

I live in Southern Spain and here too Coronavirus rules. Spain has been heavily visited, we now count, on 02-05-2020, about 240 000 infected and new victims are added daily. On the European continent we are number 1 in the number of the infected. At world level, only the United States of America has surpassed us. They 'enjoy' the dubious honor of having the highest number of Corona patients worldwide.

We have a socialist / communist government, a coalition. A government that has responded very slowly to the first signs of the life-threatening virus. Our first victim fell in Valencia in December and it took until March 14 before clear action was taken.

Spain was ill prepared, my daughter works in the medical sector and sees about 250 patients every day. No masks available, no protective clothing. It is therefore not surprising that many victims were the first to fall among medical personnel. My daughter worked 12 hours or 16 hours shifts because  colleagues had fallen ill.

The country went into lockdown, not the lockdown of Boris Johnson or Rutte or Macron. No a serious lockdown!

Schools, universities closed, businesses closed, cafes, restaurants, hotels, in short, the catering industry closed. The airspace and the borders closed. Everything closed! Everyone is obliged to stay indoors, under penalty of heavy fines, ranging from 601 to 30,000 euros, or imprisonment. No weddings, funerals, communions, baptisms ......



The government declared a state of emergency and Spain seemed to become a police state. No more consultations were held with the opposition, the government only dictated tough measures.

Small and medium-sized businesses are lost. The economy is being hit hard, and life will look different for a few years to come.

Spain with 1800 km of coastlines and beautiful beaches is for a large part dependent on the tourist industry and the spin-off that has to do with it.

Anyway, after being locked up for 49 days, Spanish residents can now go venture outside with restrictions. If at first 1 family member could buy groceries for the family once every two days, now that has eased somewhat.

Petrol stations go bankrupt, the catering industry probably already is, and small producers can keep their doors shut.

Our Prime Minister has been under enormous pressure to relax standards and save the economy.

This way you get daily adjustments to adjustments and nobody really knows where they stand anymore.



Bars will be allowed to open to a limited extent. First it was stated with only 30% of the capacity of clients, now that has already changed to 50%, on terraces. In a bar or cafe, there should only be as many customers as staff members. Small bars therefore no longer can open. That's just not profitable should you keep the beer coolers and what more on line  for two or three cups of coffee?

You may now enjoy breakfast outside your home after 11 May, which may take a maximum of 30 minutes and if you want to enjoy an evening meal, this may not take longer than 90 minutes from the moment you sit down. These are not realistic scenarios and who will oversee that.

So I received a call from a farmer friend of mine. "Great," he said. "San, have you seen the news?" I had. "Soon we can have a 'copa' again in the bar," he sounded cheerful. "What has changed then, Pedro," I asked. "It's okay again," he said, "I saw that on the news myself."

"I saw it too," I confirmed, "but Pedro nothing has changed, the virus is just as deadly as it was a week or a month ago, it is just as deadly. Until there is a vaccine, you should avoid public contacts as much as possible. That was the case in March and it is now!

"But the government's allowed it," he said, sounding genuinely surprised, and I was thinking about Trump's statement about bleach that immediately sparked a run on bleach, because the President said ... bleach kills the virus and some bought it and drank it.



Politicians are just as much in the dark as we are. It is claimed that children are less susceptible to the virus and that only the elderly are at risk, then statistics deny that claim and then everyone is vulnerable again.

It is then claimed that the virus cannot survive outside a body for more than 3 hours, and traces of the virus are found on the cruise ship outside the Japanese port after 17 days.

 Then that pets cannot transmit the virus, and then that turns out to be incorrect.

Then it is claimed that summer or higher temperatures will kill the virus .. WAKEY! WAKEY! .. Wake up everyone, who are of good faith, so why does it exist on the other side of the world (where it is summer now: eg Brazil is right under the equator ..and  is one of the hottest countries) .

Flu is a virus and disappears in the summer to reappear in the colder months. But not every virus is a flu!

Poor, poor innocent people of Spain who listen to politicians who are pressured by unions, investors, and small and medium-sized companies.

Nothing has changed as long as there is no cure!



This is going to trigger a second wave of relieved people who greet, hug and meet each other and take copas, because it's allowed.. for crying out loud!

In Spain (check the statistics), 50% of those hospitalized die from the Corona virus. Those are bad odds. Those are odds to avoid.

If you smoke and every 7th smoker dies from a smoking-related illness, you may be so positive that you think you are one of those 6 smokers who smoke and will come to no harm.

If you drink heavily and 1 in 10 alcholists dies from a damaged liver, you can still think that you belong to those 9 who go scott free, because you like a drink and why would you be the 10th?

But I tell you, if I hear it like this, if you drink Banga bongo coffee, if only 1 cup, then you have a 50% chance of dying, I wouldn't hesitate for a second, no more Banga bongo coffee for this boy!

The mortality rate in Spain recorded with the corona virus in hospitals is 50%, you don't even want to consider that.

Stay on your guard, draw your own conclusions, don't blindly focus on politicians who often have agendas other than yours.

I (unfortunately) will not sit in a bar with Pedro or another farmer's neighbor, as long as there is no vaccine.

Cancer is even more merciful than this Chinese rotten disease. Nobody would want to have cancer, but if fate appoints you, you usually have a time frame in which you can take leave of life and your loved ones. Here with this rotten Chinese virus, you languish, fighting for breath, surrounded by people who look like aliens while already being plagued by a high fever.

Stay healthy, avoid contact as much as possible, God bless.



San Daniel 2020

02/05/2020 22:59

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