Cooking with a Spanish farmer. Mexican stew, tasty and spicy and not difficult to make.

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I'm not a master chef, anything but that, but I think good and tasty food is important. That has led me to eat out very, very often. For me good food is really important, I have been living in Southern Spain for 22 years now. The area where I live, Andalusia, has a very varied kitchen with dishes that are quite spicy.

  As a country, we are of course a peninsula and border on not only the Mediterranean Sea, but also the Atlantic Ocean. This means that we have a wealth of shellfish and fish freshly reaching the consumer. Today, however, the focus is on stew.

Since the Corona virus I have been confined to my house (the farm ... I am a vintner) I have started preparing meals that I really like.

Today I prepared Mexican stew.

I'm an amateur cook so forgive me if the explanation is unprofessional.



-I take a large onion (fresh from the ground next to my house) and cut it in half first. I then cut both halves into thin slices and then cut them into smaller pieces.

Do not hold the onion while cutting, because then you can cut into your fingers but make a fist of the holding hand and rest it on the onion to be cut and cut along it (knuckle on the onion).

-Take a pan with a thick bottom and heat it on a low burner and put 2 large tablespoons of olive oil in it. (from my own plantation).

-Turn on the kettle and when the water has boiled add cubes of herbal broth (I take 2). About half a liter is sufficient. Do not do anything with that, you will need that later.

If you don't have a measuring cup ... half a liter is about two thirds a bottle of wine.

- You will need three bay leaves and a cinnamon stick and 6 cloves. Pierce the cloves through the leaves, so each leaf has 2 cloves, so you don't lose them and you can easily find them later. Set it aside.

-Now throw the onion particles in the pan and let them simmer gently, you don't want t them burned, first they become glassy and you stir them occasionally with a wooden spoon.



-In the meantime you take the chicken fillet and cut the bones and remaining pieces of meat out .. and you now cut the fillet into cubes. Keep the rest pieces aside for a soup on another day.

I had 600 grams but anything near it will do, just 2 chicken fillets. You can of course also use beef, then it just takes a little longer.

- You now transfer the onions to a bowl. (You will need them again later)

-The stock now gradually goes into the pan, (not all at once) and let it heat up again before throwing the chicken pieces (or beef) in it. They become islands, as it were, just above the broth.

Always add a little broth.

-Always turn the pieces so that all sides are scorched.

-You put in the prepared bay leaves and the cinnamon stick.

- Now grind red pepper and black pepper and white pepper over the pan .. just to your discretion and taste.

-with a slotted spoon, you can fish the pieces of meat from the pan when you see them browning. They'll go on the cutting board.

The bay leaves with the cloves and the cinnamon stick can now easily be fished out.



-With two forks you pull the pieces of chicken into pieces, try to do that with the meat direction.

What works well is to flatten the piece of meat with one fork and 'rake' with the other fork.

The result is shreds of meat.

This now goes back into the pan with the onions that were separate in a bowl, a lid is put on the whole and now the dish is allowed to simmer. The simmer is about half an hour longer with beef.

You will see that now a lot of moisture from the stock mixture and other ingredients draws into the meat.



The main course is now ready. Now you have the choice of what to eat with it. That can be rice, but we can also keep it Mexican, tortillas (flat corn pancakes). In my case there is a leaf of lettuce on top of each tortilla and here and there a tomato and some guacamole. The latter is out of a jar to be honest, but it is not difficult to make it yourself.

The stew, like pea soup, is best on the second day.

Enjoy your meal. Aproveche!

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26/04/2020 23:18

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