Regrowing leek, for those who like fresh vegetables

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Leek is a vegetable that can be stored for a long time. It is also possible to freeze leeks for six months after preparation, without loss of qquality. Besides it contains all kinds of good properties, such as combating arteriosclerosis, obesity, diabetes 2, rheumatoid arthritis and respiratory infections caused by an allergic reaction and aside of that, it is a tasty main ingredient.

It has an onion-like taste, although it is slightly sweeter in the aftertaste.

Leeks originate from the gardens of UR, where the Sumerian king Urnammu had leeks planted 4000 years ago.



What many don't know is that it has a strong regenerative ability. If you buy leeks, make sure that the small roots are still attached. You cut off that 'butt' piece with roots and lay it aside.


                  healthy soup with brocoli, zucchini and leek

You prepare the leek for the dish you have in mind. This can be a soup, or an addition to a pasta or rice dish. You can also use leeks in, salads, main courses, casseroles, wok dishes. A delicious quiche with leek is a delicacy.

You can also use it in bread or together with tomato in a tomato leek pie. There are really, very many options to let this vegetable come into its own right.



                   Quiche of sweet potato and leek

You now take a bowl of water and place the 'butt pieces with roots' in it and you will see that the miracle will take place within 2 days. Green shoots will emerge from the root buds and you can almost see them growing, that is how fast they go.

Now you can place such an offshoot in a pot, or container or in the garden. If you put them in the cold ground, keep in mind that the leek is white where it has been covered with soil

So just like with potatoes, raise the soil around the leeks. If the leek is high enough to your liking, you harvest it and ... of course ... the process can be repeated. The same goes for organic garlic, basil, onion, or lettuce.

Good luck with the harvest.


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