The blessing bowl and the fear XLIV

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"Did you sleep well, I asked my love," when she came out of the bedroom. "Yes," she replied with a beaming smile, "would you like some coffee?" "I think that would be very nice," I said, watching her click the machine on and press the double expresso button for me. "It was a nice dream," she continued, "we were on an island, a beautiful tropical island, and we were very happy." I am always happy with you, ”I laughed and meant it.

"I like tropical areas," I said, and picked up the morning newspaper. "We also traveled about a lake in a canoe or something," said my sweety, "but you know how it is, dreams blur away once you are awake and one only remembers shreds." "Dreams are deceptional," I said just to say something. "That's what people without dreams say," my sweetheart laughed. I thought that was very profound in the early morning, but there was something to be said for it.

After the second cup of coffee I put the newspaper away. "You know," I started, "it's nice to be here, I'm happy with you here, far away from Europe, away from the hustle and the bustle." She looked at me and smiled. "It's jet lag," I said, "which always affects me for a few days, but then I become Canadian again, and if it wasn't for our kids or grandchildren, I would never go back." "I know what you mean," she replied seriously. "I'm a different person here, too, and I'm genuinely happy here. Here we live in a different reality. "

"Reality is just an agreement," I said, "it's just what you make of it and when you realize that, you have to make sure that your happiness is in that reality or you have to look further, because time is something that never returns. "

"It's different here," my wife laughed, "you know, where the past is the present." "It's a cowboy village," I agreed, "people are more down to earth here, they realize there is no past or present, but both are intertwined and form a happy mix with daily life."

"But you do look a bit pale," said the love of my life. "Why don't you go around the block and get a bit of a breath, it will do you good."

'My cup tinkled on my saucer, a heavy lumber truck, had passed by and the streets had not been made for that in 1901. The large, freshly cut logs protruded from the trunk and a red cloth fluttered at the end. "They are driving way too fast," my wife thought, "how should something like that ever make an emergency stop?" I took my last sip of coffee and put my cup back on the saucer and got up to put it on the counter. "



"Thanks for the coffee," I said, "I will go for a walk about, I might go past the Thriftstore of the Salvation Army, sometimes you come across nice second-hand things and you always help charity a bit.' "I'll see you later," said my sweetie, and she poured herself some more coffee.

The wind was blowing and my ears and nose got cold. "Stands to reason," I thought, "they do stick out a bit." Like a turtle I pulled my neck back in a little and walked to the end of the street. At the Ford Dealer's parking lot, I briefly looked at prices that were on F 150s. They did look cool, 1/2 ton trucks with a double cabin and a large loading platform. You saw half the village driving around in them. "Good God," I thought, "they started new at $ 80,000, and with luck you could buy yourself a house for that."

I turned the corner towards 'Thriftstore' and saw an Indian man coming out with a package under his arm. I saw an old American gas guzzler pull over at the curb and the window rolled down and the Indian handed over the package to the driver that took it from him. I was almost behind him now and started for the Thiftstore, I held back a moment and looked in the shop window to see if there was something in there to my liking.

The Indian man looked to the right and stepped on the road to cross. He should have looked left and right, of course, and out of nowhere a lumbertuck appeared, honking loudly with the hiss of the air brake on full, racing down at the poor devil. I jumped forward and roughly pulled the man back, the poor fellow looked at the truck as if frozen. The 40 tonner swizzed by, just missing the Indian's moccasins. "Man," I said, "that was a close shave." The man seemed to be nailed down, then unfroze. "I really didn't see him," he stammered.



"I understand that," I said, "they are driving way too fast and are top-heavy and appear out of the nowhere." A motorcycle stopped next to us, "Man, Old Rock," said the helmeted figure, "I thought you were a goner. Ugh, that was almost the hunting grounds for you." He took off his helmet and I saw that he looked very shocked indeed.

Less from the Thriftstore came out, "man," he said, "that was almost a direct hit, the Lord has kept you in his hand. The man addressed as Old Rock now started trembling all over. "I just made some tea," Les continued, "you boys want to come in and have some?" I think that's a good idea, said the Indian with the motor bike and he put it on the stand. "I came to pick him up," he said, pointing his head at Old Rock. "It was almost unnecessary."

"Come on then," I replied, tea never hurt anyone. I followed the men to the door and took a last look at the shop window and saw what seemed to be a delusion in the sunlight reflected in the large window. Two figures on a tropical beach that waved at me for a moment and then I entered the Thriftstore.

San Daniel 2020.

Ps: I want to thank the readers for reading along and for the well-meant comments of the Tallsay writers control group .. I am always grateful if my fellow writers can relate to my story .. and now the story is finished and is with a feeling of melancholy that I take distance, but it is finished and you all know what that means. A story must have speed and persuasion and if a story is milked out, it will lose both.

I am still in doubt whether I will let it be published or let it go straight into the world in Ebook format, but those are side issues. The story has been told, Maple Creek is a great place, with great down to Earth people and my love and I are always very happy there and now a last bit of advice from me to all of you, don't accept blessing bowls and stay healthy. God Bless!

San Daniel 2020


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