The blessing bowl and the fear XXXIII

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


The drumming started at the last step. It banished every thought, I had no time for that either, above me a tribe of wild warriors was trying to kick my door in. I jumped to my workplace in leaps and bounds. My dead neighbor half stepped out to meet me, "Hurry up," he called out, time is limited. " Get out of my way, ”I shouted, pushing him roughly aside. The light was dazzling, but it was not difficult to find the spot that was brightest. On my knees I crawled forward and placed the bowl on it with a firm motion. It was almost blown out of my hands. "Other way around, you retard," the rough gravel voice cussed at me in my head. I responded and turned the bowl half a turn and felt it sink somewhat like a key in a keyhole.

A huge thud sounded and the air was torn as if a bolt of lightning exploded under my hands. I was lifted off my feet and shot through space like a toy doll. I flew like a cork from a champagne bottle at a dizzying speed past the dead guards. I had just enough consciousness  to look at the lake past my hand. I skimmed over the prairie and the light changed its intensity several times around me, "ha," was my first thought, "I'm a meteorite."

The drumming Indians rushed closer and I saw the lake and then my speed dropped and I fell from the sky, next to the canoes. I saw my sweetheart in the lake and I saw the twisting movement swimming towards her. I hadn't had time to aim when I had looked past my hand and like a failing superman I had fallen out of the blue in the wrong place.

"A Canoe, my kingdom for a canoe," I thought, and I jumped into the nearest canoe that had a paddle and pushed off. "Ugh," I heard indignantly, and thinking while paddling like a madman, I thought "it's not exactly my Indian day."

My love was now treading water and saw me rushing towards her and was screaming at the top of her lungs but all my strength and attention was in the paddle that I made bite into the water faster and faster. At full speed I passed the shape that swam towards my wife and reached her a few canoe lengths before the serpent that was now sticking its head out of the water. "Hang over the canoe quickly," I called. " The slender boat almost turned over and with all my strength I counterbalanced and then my love lay across the width of the slender vehicle. "Closer to me," I roared when I saw the tip threatening to submerge, and I hung as far back  as possible.


My dear did just that and she shuffled a little closer to me and after that she dared not move anymore, because every movement threatened to overturn the vessel. I started paddling like crazy again and saw the island getting closer .. We had become top heavy but went about as fast as the serpent that followed us. Even when the keel hit the ground, I was still paddling. My sweety jumped up and ran, splashing the water up high, onto the beach and I was still paddling.

A stroke almost overturned my boat and the serpent was there and I smacked it on its ugly head with all my strength and jumped out of the boat. I waded backwards to the beach as fast as I could. My feet protested the sharp stones trying to drill into the soles of my feet, but I kept my eye on the mouth that looked at me lurking and could rush forward any moment to drag me away back to the deep. I held the paddle half-raised like a melee weapon. Then the water was around my calves and I turned around and ran for my life and kept running even when I was already plowing through the hot sand.



When I turned around I saw that I was about 20 meters from the waterline and the movement that stirred the water was the serpent making its way back to deeper parts of the lake.

"Thank you," said my sweetheart, "that was just in time." "You can say that again," I replied, "I could not have come any later." "How did you get into my dream," she asked. "This is dream time, I guess," I replied, "or the eternal hunting grounds or whatever you want to call it, and I will always help you, you know that." "Silly boy," she said, then added, "I know, I wouldn't expect anything else." "Is this reality," she asked, "or is this a place where we meet before we wake up." "There is no reality," I said, putting my arms around her, "we are real and the rest is nonsense, reality is what you make of it."



"That really is the way it is, huh," she laughed. "You betcha," I replied, "that's forever and ever." If we want to wake up, we'll have to go there, ”I said, pointing to the cave opening where bright blue light broke out. "Hmm," she said, "I don't know if I would like to, it's beautiful here. And if this is the hereafter, then we are two souls who have found each other. " "I found you years ago," I smiled, "and it's the best thing that ever happened to me."

I still had my eyes on the cave and saw how slowly the blue glow got less and less bright and eventually disappeared. "I think we have gone out of phase," I said, "let's make the most of it, and a sense of happiness filled me such as I had rarely experienced as a partial aspect of my life.


San Daniel 2020

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