The blessing bowl and the fear XLII

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I looked over my shoulder one last time and saw the heaving and dancing circles as if in a trance, half stooping and then straightening up again, accompanied by a drum that drowned out every thought. The back flap moved gently in the light wind that had blown up and to the left and right of the opening the laces, which were intended to close it, moved gently back and forth.

With one quick step, I was in the teepee. I saw the two torches on either side of the uptight and indeed bandaged body. On the floor in front of Old Rock where he only rested with one leg on the ground, my bowl was resting on a furry skin. "It's mine," I thought with a sense of joy, who would have thought I'd ever be happy to see that damned bowl?



What to do, would I put it under my shirt or just walk out the back flap with the bowl in my hands and go over the hill to my car. "Barry?" That thought came up a bit guiltily. "Every man for himself," I thought, after all it was about my love who would be devoured by a serpent, and my guts that would be torn from my body and my remains that would guard the gate forever in a niche. I bent down without even giving the mummy as much as a glance. I turned the bowl upside down to let the ash whirl out and was just ready to sneak off when the front flap opened.

I jumped up in panic, bowl in my hand, and my foot hooked behind a cable that ran down the pole to keep Old Rock up. "Ugh," I heard behind me. I tore my foot loose and I shouldn't have, because now the mummy fell forward on the torches and I don't know what was under the bandages, but it caught fire immediately. The great warrior looked at me with wide eyes and then jumped forward. With a catlike jump, I went through the back flap and without wanting to, I kicked the main teepee stick over. I watched the skins catch fire as the wigwam collapsed and I should have helped the Native American warrior but I would have been the last to set the bowl down.

"Everyone for themselves," I thought for the second time in a few minutes. "He shouldn't have come in, anyway." I sprinted up the hill and stopped halfway, breathless with a blood taste in my throat from running. I looked back and saw Little Bighorn pointing in my direction and I ran up the last few meters and saw my loyal Chrysler. The roof was black with ravens nesting on it. "I got it," I called from afar, "get out of here," I screamed, "look you bloody ravens," and running to the car, I held up the bowl.



I heard noises from horses behind me and knew there was nothing to do but try to escape, raven or not, my car was the only rescue. The ravens took off and flew over me in a cloud and I reached the car and put the bowl on the roof. I frantically searched for my keys in my pockets and then felt them in my bodywarmer.

I pressed the button and the doors unlocked. I saw how the ravens flew at the Indians and started pecking at themas if they were a sweet treat. Two fell off their horses trying to rip the ravens off their heads with both hands. I started the car and luckily it started immediately, I tapped the shift in drive and stopped, the bowl was still on the roof! I jumped out and snatched the blasted thing from the roof and dove back into the car. I put the car in drive and with spinning tires and throwing up dust I tore away.

It was just in time, I threw a sandstorm up behind me and saw a cloud of smoke rising above the dust. "That will be Old Rock's Teepee," I thought, "and maybe some neighboring wigwams, boy, that is not how to make friends." I reached the asphalt and immediately accelerated, the American jumped sharply to the left and was then under control and a little later the big V8 groaned under the torture of maximum rpm on the main road. I looked in my mirror and saw five dots coming from the dirt road.

"They are coming for me," I knew with certainty, "and if they overtake me, they will kill me. It's not every day that a stranger sets a dead brave on fire during a Pow wow. " I noticed the railway barriers were going down as I approached my village. I squirted underneath. "Welcome," the sign read. "Where the past is the present." I réally understood the meaning now under the village code of arms. Everything was in a muddle, past or present and Indians were after me and I had a bowl next to me that had only caused misery in my life and that had to be in the basement at an intersection to open up dimensions.



I drove uncontrollably fast into my street and stopped in front of my house. I didn't even turn the engine off. I grabbed the bowl of the passenger seat and ran to the front door. I banged hard on the door in pure panic as the first cars entered the street. "Bloody barriers were open again," I thought. My love opened the door, "What is the matter,' she asked? "Lock the door behind me," I shrieked, and ran as fast as my legs allowed me to, into the bedroom.

I went full speed towards the hatch and pulled it up on the ring and the blue light shone everywhere. "We're in phase," was my only thought as I dashed down the stairs into the basement. Upstairs I heard a banging and kicking at the door.


San Daniel 2020

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