The blessing bowl and the fear XL

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We got in my car and drove out of the village. I didn't know what to expect, but what I did see was the Raven skimming low over the car. I had to get my hands on that bowl even if it would cost my life, otherwise my life would be over anyway and I would end up in a niche with no guts, as a warning to future owners of my house. I had become convinced of the two worlds that touched at times and that the intersection was unfortunately under my house. If someone had told me something like that a few weeks ago, I would have shrugged and listened politely.

"Another one," said Barry, pointing to a black shape on a road sign. "How nice," he said, "we're being escorted." I didn't like it at all and we being controlled. But of course I did not say that, imagine what I would have had to explain. Another Raven skimmed over our car. "Is it the same as before," I wanted to know? "No, this one was bigger," said my neighbor. "It's the totem," he said to himself, "you see that coincidence doesn't exist." "It is starting to look like that," I replied, setting cruise control at 70 miles per hour.



After driving for fifteen minutes, Barry said, "we have to turn right here, we're heading towards Cypress hills." "Tell me when," I said more cheerfully than I was. The landscape that had been flat and prairie-like began to show hills. "History slips by here differently," said my neighbor, "this tribe has 1,440 hectares and that has only been recognized by the state since 1913. They don't call it a reservation, but a nation. " "That would be a very small nation," in my opinion, "I said. "It doesn't work that way," said my neighbor, "all the Cree are connected no matter where their nations are, and so are the other tribes.

"There are 70 nations in Saskatchewan," continued Barry, "61 of whom are members of one of the nine Saskatchewan Tribe councils. The total population is about 129,000. But yes they are seperate tribes who do not want to be counted together. " That makes sense to me, "I said," I live in Spain and come here occasionally, but all residents of Spain are European, but our count is our count. "

"There are five main languages ​​between the nations of Saskatchewan," my neighbor went on unperturbed. We have Cree, Dakota, Dene (Chipewyan), Nakota (Assniboine), and Saulteaux. " I hope you don't expect me to remember this, ”I said, steering my car carefully on the road that was getting worse per minute



In the distance a sign came up, "Welcome to Cree Nation," it read. "Now we are outside of Canada," laughed my neighbor, "our laws no longer count here. The Canadian police also have no say here and can not arrest anyone here. " The road stopped at a field full of old American cars.

"Park here," suggested Barry. "We'll walk the rest." So we walked away from my car that I had parked with my nose to the exit in case I had to leave the pow wow quickly with a bowl in my hands and screaming Tomahawk throwing tribesmen behind me.



We walked up the hill and when we came down the other side  we saw the huge Totem pole that watched over the village and stood in the middle of an open area. I saw it right away, on top was a Raven watching me, or at least I had that feeling. When I turned around I saw that his head had turned as well, following me. There were people in colorful robes with many beads sitting in circles around the totem pole. A teepee had been placed under the totem pole. It was larger than ordinary wigwams and sober in color.

A bare-chested man with formidable muscles walked up with a drum. "That's the guest drum," said Barry, slowly pushing his way through the crowd. "Where are we going to sit," I asked. "Next to the tent of death," replied my friend. "you mean Old Rock is in there," I asked. "Who else," said Barry. "I knew him well and I know Little Bighorn too, so I want to be close to the body of the man who hunted with me so many times. Then I can show respect and then we'll go again. " "We're going into the tent," I asked? "After the supplication and when the Spirit is there," Barry replied as if it were the most natural thing in the world.


 'He is propped up between a pair of poles, what I mean to say he's not in a coffin sort of thing," said my neighbor the Indian expert. "What do you mean he's standing up," I asked in shock. "Not much was left of him after he was smeared out," Barry explained, "so the little bit that they managed to scrape of the road has been bandaged up, like let's say, a mummy and put up, so to speak." "Good God," I said, 'so we show respect to what has been gathered and stood up between in poles, somewhat gruesome. "

"Well, it's the thought that counts," said my neighbor. "And then they'll plea," I asked, "whether the Great Spirit allows him to come back or that he at least won't leave the tribe." That's right, "said Barry," but now you have to be quiet because the drum is about to start, " and we sat down next to the tent.

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