The blessing bowl and the fear XXXIX

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Barry was pleasantly surprised when I knocked at his door and asked if I could accompany him to the wake. "Come in first for a cup of coffee," he suggested, and a little while later we sat at his dining table with a mug of steaming coffee. "Look," said Barry, "a wake on the reservation is not the same as we are used to. For starters, do you know what a powwow is? " "No," I said, "I think it's some sort of a meeting ." "Hmm," said Barry, "yes and no, it depends on the circumstances."

The word "pow wow" is derived from the Narragansett word powwaw, "my neighbor explained, meaning" spiritual leader, "which makes Little Bighorn the main character today."

"A pow-wow session begins with the Grand Entry," Barry continued, thoughtfully sipping coffee, "and in most cases, with a plea. The Eagle Staff, the tribe of elders lead the Grand Entry while one of the guest drums invokes the great Spirit. " I felt a shudder on my back for a moment, I had heard plenty of drumming the last nights.

 "This event is sacred in nature," said my neighbor, "during the pow wows, there is no filming or photography. I don't think you will leave the pow wow alive if you think you should do it anyway and make no mistake about it, governmental laws don't count on the reservation. "


"I had no intention of filming or anything," I hastened to say, "I'm going to show respect." "So the drum or the guest drum invokes the great Spirit," I asked with a smile? "It's no laughing matter," said Barry, "after the last blow you feel the presence of the Great Spirit like breath on your neck." "You've been there," I asked, thinking about my basement. "I went to some pow wows," my neighbor agreed.

"To understand the drum protocol, a drum can be thought of as a person or being," continued Barry, "and should be considered and respected as such. Drum etiquette is very important. The drum is the central symbol of pow wows and is located in the center of the pow wow itself formed in concentric circles. ” Right, "I said," and is a wake always a pow wow? "



"In this case the vigil is a pow wow," said my neighbor, "it is religious in nature because Old Rock, was the grandson of Little Bighorn, the Shaman, and as chief and Shaman he will make a supplication to the Great Spirit . " "And who beatsts the guest drum," I asked, just to say something. "The bravest warrior may do that," said Barry, "and to be clear, he is not a guest, but he summons up a guest, the Great Spirit or his representative."

I took my last sip and got up, "I'm ready," I announced. "Then we'll go," suggested my neighbor, "you will find it interesting, these are experiences you will not soon forget." I just had the idea that Barry was right about that, I had to go and get my hands that bowl.

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