The blessing bowl and the fear XXXVII

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie

"I am dreaming," I told myself, "If I want to wake up, I'll be in bed." "Ha!" it sounded sharp and loud in my head, my demon voice was still inside me. "You know better, go ahead, wake up, if you can" it sounded raw and sneering now. In the meantime I descended step by step to the bright blue-lit vault. "This isn't real," I said aloud, "I'm in bed." But I bumped my toe and felt the chill of the cold steps against my bare feet.

A dark form without a face floated gently back and forth away from the bottom step. It was a shape as if someone was floating through the air in a monk's robe.

An enormous fear made my heart pound. I was being waited for. "I'm handing him over oh gracious lady," came the raucous gravel voice, but there was no trace of mockery in the voice, and I almost tripped down the last step.



I knew where they wanted me to go and decided not to cooperate, but my heart started pounding wildly and I felt my nostrils open in fear, I would die with certainty, I would be crushed between powers I never would understand and I turned around and voluntarily took the first step to my workshop. Pulsing blue light came out as if welding was taking place and I was the only one without goggles. The blue was so bright that it turned almost white from time to time.

I tried to slow down but the woman without a face was breathing down my neck and my muscles were cramped with fear. I knew with certainty that if I turned around, that would be my last living act and I lost the ability to think rationally because the drumming became predominant and controlled my every thought. I shuffled forward and feared that my deceased neighbor would be waiting for me again. I turned slowly to the left where my workshop door should have been and shielded my eyes from the light that was now a bombardment of brilliance.

I saw the contours of a cave with the intersection where blue light radiated, like a blue Roman candle spewing its blue Bengal rays into the air. "You're late," said a voice that seemed familiar to me. Why don't you come closer? " I surrendered and stepped into the cave and walked past the intersection with my eyes shielded and had to get used to the space around me.

"You don't have the bowl of innocence with you," said my neighbor accusingly, "how can you expect favors if you don't keep promises?" How is it that you do not bring the Pilates bowl with you, everything is in phase. "The favors that are not answered," said the ghostly figure, who remained half-dusk, call up unpleasantness, you bring that down on yourself. "

I saw a number of figures half protruding from the cave wall, when I looked closer I saw that they were cramped in a niche. "Friends, shall I say, you never met," said my neighbor who had followed my gaze, "they refused to cooperate, you know who they are, don't you?" They are incorporated in the gate as a warning and as decoration. ' I saw a severely burned figure and realized that the previous owners of my house had been stored and placed as watchmen.


A fourth niche was empty. "It's reserved," chuckled my neighbor who had fallen off the ladder, "do you want to know for whom?" "I don't need to know," I shivered. "For what's left of you, when you've been pecked empty," explained my former neighbor. I wanted to get away from those nasty niches and walked on and came to the opening that overlooked the plain. "We are in phase," said the shadow, and he pointed out, "the hunting fields that are infinite and eternal," he said. I was surprised to see that since my last visit to the cave, it was now high up and had endless views.

I recognized the prairie I had got lost in during my first nightmare. What seemed to be a lake shone in the distance, and the drumming seemed to come from that direction. "If you're dead," my neighbor explained, "you can't die anymore, you can just take a step and you're down." It sounded like a temptation. "Why would I want to so," I asked in disbelief, staring deep below the cave. I estimated that we were 100 meters above groundlevel and the last thing I wanted was to try such a step.

"Because your love would be shred to pieces, if not" said my neighbor, "look, you can take a step where you want and see what you want." "Look past my hand," and he pointed to the lake. I saw a line of warriors sitting around the edge behind some canoes, and a few beat drums rhythmically.

In the water I saw a dot and when I looked at the dot past the hand, I saw that it was my sweetie pulled along by a current, she waved her hands but nobody saw her or rushed to her aid. "Look," my escort encouraged me, and he moved his hand and I saw the giant snake, the sea snake that did not belong in a fresh water lake, but was there. " You know where it will go, "my neighbor laughed. "In is in and out is out," but sometimes in is also out or you can go from out to in, if you know what I mean. " "No," I said, "I'm not following you at all." "We're in," said my dead neighbor, "and that's out and he pointed outside."


"We all have a task, how can the dead return from the fields or how can the living enter the fields," the neighbor shouted to me, "if the innocence does not guarantee it, that was the sacrifice, we are in phase man, I already told you that last time, we all need the symbol of innocence, at the intersection, are you a retard. What is it you do not understand. Do you want your sweety to be eaten alive every hour and do you want your bowels to be emptied and then be placed in your niche? " If you are eaten in out, it casts its shadow here with us and it throws its shadow.

All kinds of thoughts swirled through my head and I began to see a line in the madness that surrounded me. "The bowl," I asked? "Yes, moron," roared my neighbor, "it has to be placed and everything changes for you or would you rather have your love eaten by an unholy rotten snake?"

A dot rushed in and became a raven and clawed in my hair and started pecking at my eyes which I shielded with my hands. I woke up screaming.

San Daniel 2020

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