The blessing bowl and the fear XXXVI

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie

The fire slowly went out and the guests had left us a while back after a lovely evening and I sat with my love watching the glow of the fire under the stars. "We should go in," said my dear, and I nodded in agreement as I tried to shake off the slow lazy feeling and got up. I could have sat there forever, I had made a promise Old Rock's totem animal, and I was at peace with the world.

The next day I would not have to go to the Jasper's lounge anymore, I knew what I wanted to know about Indians and their beliefs and hunting grounds, I had just received that information from Barry. I decided to go to the reserve and see if I could somehow figure out where to find and lay my hands on the bowl.

Maybe I could simply ask for Little big Horn or maybe it was wise to walk around first and then determine a course of action to follow. In any case, I knew that Little Big Horn had custody of the bowl, the cowboy in the roundup had said so, he had seen the bowl being handed to the medicineman by Old Rock.



He had the bowl and I had the crossroads in my basement. In addition, I had been promised what would happen to my guts if I didn't get the bowl back and I had no doubts about the truthfulness of that promise. In any case, I wanted to live my own life again with my own inner voice and with my intestines where they should be.

So we stepped into our bed tired but satisfied and a little later and I felt myself slipping into a slumber and I managed to stroke my sweetheart's hand before crashing backwards into a deep black night. I fell and slipped through layers of the night and floated until I lingered motionless. "Like the raven," was one of my last coherent thoughts, "praying on powerful wings, looking for prey." Suddenly my floating turned into a whimsical dive and I bounced back in my bed with my eyes wide open in my dark bedroom.

A soft rumble started under the bedroom and I knew what was happening there, a bright blue light would be shining there and the dark one would sneak up on me and force me to go to the opening. Deep within me I knew with certainty that if I did not obey the dark one I would be destroyed.


"Are you done flying," asked the raw gravel voice with feigned interest. "No," I thought, "not again, I made peace with the raven." "You are a fool," said the gravel voice. "The Raven does not rest until the sacrifice is made, and you are the chosen one." The drumming became a regular drum now, and I thought with horror at Barry's story about the drums of the great Spirit.

"You know where you're going," the raw voice chuckled, "down where the dead are." I tried to resist but just like a few days ago when the coffee cup emptied it self out due to my wrist turning against my will, my right leg got out of bed. "No," my own inner voice screamed. I wanted to call my sweety but no sound came from my throat and slowly I rose from my bed.

"Look," said  ol' gravel, mockingly, "just a bit more and then you will be where you belong." I walked to the hatch fighting my body and pulled it up on the ring. The stairs descended bathing in bright blue light, and the drumming swelled to a huge rumble that blew my mind and I gave up and unwillingly started to descend the stairs.

San Daniel 2020

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17/03/2020 21:27

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17/03/2020 23:56
Holy shit! There you go again....;-)
18/03/2020 11:33
Yes ma´m there is no way one can stop a demon
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